According to our research, if you're reading Cracked you're likely to be a sort of monocle-wearing fat cat just hemorrhaging money wherever you go. For this reason, we asked our readers to put together a holiday gift list to ease your shopping this season, and gave $200 to the most ridiculous item ...

Entry by preese3001

Cost for a round trip to the International Space Station- $35.000,000 Cost to skip ahead of others on waiting list for the same trip -$5,000,000 Cost

Entry by thekidnapper

CRACKED C COM If you really love someone, prove it with a two level jacuzzi. Your Love 8.000 =

Entry by AM Smiley

Decd For croord 50 bucks, you coor give L someOre a tirty plot of Scottish rust mnAuE on land and in favo of the tirleh from P of Kilch the right to U

Entry by mkad

Oh, you got your kid a racecar bed? That's SO cute... Yeah, our son sleeps in a Jedi Starfighter, but yours is fine too, I'm sure. CRACKED.COM ($6.000

Entry by ikcaj

The World's Most Expensive IV Dinner Sishpie Hungry. Condoners can hae thiis single sering of flofster. scallops, sal mon aE oysters, toppedurth Belug

Entry by Vincent Pall

Tired of always trying to come up with that special gift for the would-be James Bond villain in your life who already has everything, save for a secre

Entry by El Zoof

1966 Don Post King Kong Replica 12.5' high 14! arm span (don't worry, they're detachable) Weighs about 5001b All yours for only $22,495 CRACKED.COM

Entry by mightyzamfir

Give 8lbs of someone the finest ham in the world. Jamon lberico de Bellota. for only $2.120.49 (Yeah. I also wonder what the 49 cents is for.) CRACKED

Entry by JASalisbury

Spotting a gap in the market Japanese engineers developed a 13 -foot- tall. 4.4 -ton, diesel- -powered robot called Kuratas (classic Japan!) IT can fi

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