16 Celebrity Families You Didn't Realize Were Feuding

16 Celebrity Families You Didn't Realize Were Feuding

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Being involved in a family fight is awful. But watching other families fight is strangely fun. And when it's a celebrity family, it's exponentially so. Maybe it's because they claim to be just like us when they clearly aren't. And nowhere is the difference more apparent than in the spectacular supernovas their feuds blossom into.

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Debbie Mathers sued her son, rapper Eminem, for slander over lyrics he wrote about her for The Slim Shady LP in 1999. Their relationship improved a li

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Kobe Bryant stopped talking to his parents after they tried selling his memorabilia to buy a house. BRYANT LIKR Lowep OWE, OWER TAEAS 24 33 33 8 24 ME
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