12 Artists Who Hated Their Most Famous Creations

Just because you created something doesn’t mean you can’t violently hate it.
12 Artists Who Hated Their Most Famous Creations

Creating an iconic piece of art is probably great. You write your book, or song, or paint your painting, or whatever, and then sit back with a serene smile on your face as the fame and accolades roll in. Only as it turns out, sometimes creative types hate their own work so violently that they go full Hulk.

For example ...

Stephen King hates The Tommyknockers almost as much as he hated being addicted to cocaine. I BESTSELLER STEPHEN KING VS HE TOMMYKNOCKERS King finds hi
James Blunt wants you to know that You're Beautiful isn't romantic, and you're F*cked up for liking it. vS VS james blunt Youre Beautiful Accordin
Joel Schumacher hates Batman and Robin just as much as anyone else. SCHARZENEGGER CLOONEY ODOONNELL vs BATMAN BOBIN THURMAN SILVERSONE In a 2017 Vice
Warrant frontman Jani Lane really resented his biggest hit, Cherry Pie. WARRANT CHERRY VS PIE Blind sa the TRACKS Onty Red Feels Of The late singer
Harrison Ford is not fond of his cult classic Blade Runner. BIADE RUDE FINAL CUT VS I was very, very unhappy with their choices and with the quality
Claude Monet destroyed over a dozen of his iconic paintings. Vs Monet's water landscape paintings were instrumental for 2Oth-century art, but the pain
Billy Joel wasn't impressed by We Didn't Start The Fire. BILLY JOEL vsO WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE -R Joct- Waenee Te R We Didn't Start the Fire is
Kafka wanted all his writing burned. Kafka VS The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka is regarded by many as one of the best 20th-century writers. But Kafka was
Oasis member Liam Gallagher hates Wonderwall. wonderwal VSO OOSiS Wonderwall is Oasis' most iconic song, but Liam Gallagher isn't a fan. In an int
The making of Alien 3 was a bitch for David Fincher. SIGURNEY WEAVER gone orever. vs In 2202 04 NaVE ALIEN3 The horror movie became an actual nightmar
Creep was Radiohead's first big hit, but its members aren't huge fans. adioheaa vso creep Singer Thom Yorke claims the song is crap, but guitarist
Tony Kaye wishes he could urb-stomp American HistoryX AMERICAN VS HISTORY The studio wanted to change a lot of Kaye's cut of the film after screening
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