18 Historical Practical Jokes That Are Still Funny Today

Trolling and asshattery are grand and glorious traditions.
18 Historical Practical Jokes That Are Still Funny Today

Ever since mankind developed concepts such as “clans,” “towns,” or “societies,” it has had one need within its social constructs. A valve to unload the stress, pressure, or injustice within our organized groups. This need has been within our DNA for centuries upon centuries: the need to screw with other people!

When you picture the past, you probably picture dignified, fancy people doing dignified, fancy things. Welp, the joke's on you. People have been jackasses since the dawn of time. Ever since a caveman could fart in another caveman's mouth, we as a species love to pull pranks on one another, whether it is in good clean fun, revenge against the enemy, or just to play with poop. It's amazing to see how little has changed in our attitudes towards practical jokes from when we first walked upright to now.

Here are 18 practical jokes throughout history which still seem hilarious to us today.

In Sao Paulo, 1959, a group of college students entered a Rhinoceros called Cacareco into the city council elections... c..and she didn't just WIN, sh
Over 000 people gathered to see a genuine snow-white elephant that was visiting the Frankfurt zoO. Snow-White To Visit Elephant FRANKFURT. Frankfurt T
During World War IL, the British invented and smuggled strong itching powder into the Third Reich. The powder Was applied to the underclothes of Nazi
Ben Franklin: the original cathish. Franklin loved to write letters to newspapers under different pseudonyms, quite often female. One of his personas,
William Buckland, 19th century paleontologist, once pranked Oxford by writing GUANO (a bird or bat's poop, to the layman) on their lawn, using the a
Ten days before Christmas, 1965, two astronauts in orbit reported a UFO with a pilot in red. NASA T STATFORO NASTA ENKSCHSQLJR They told Mission Contr
In 1961, Life $7o Magazine revealed how A Wet Way Muhammad Ali to Train for achieved a Fight powerful blows: by training underwater. Except it wasn't
In the 1920s, artist Waldo Peirce gifted his hotel concierge with a tiny turtle. She greatly appreciated the gift, especially as it grew prodigiously
For their first-ever home football game, Auburn was hosting Georgia Tech. The night before the game, a group of Auburn students sneaked into the train
Joseph Mulhatten was a salesman known for tricking newspapers into publishing his absurd stories. Tur MONKEY AS A Kentuckian AFAREE. feratite PInds 'T
After a drunken evening in Spain Ernest Hemingway tricked his friend A.E. Hotchner into becoming an amateur bullfighter. Hemingway started telling Hot
According to various sources, Roman Emperor Elagabalus enjoyed playing jokes. One night during dinner, he allegedly had guests sit on cushions and slo
In 1818, American naturalist John Audubon made up 28 species, including a fish with bulletproof scales, to prank a visiting European naturalist. imout
Leonardo Da Vinci dressed up a lizard to look like a dragon for one simple reason: So that he could use it to scare the crap out of his friends. He'd
In 1910, a French novelist convinced a radical artist group that a painting made by a donkey was by a bold foreign painter. Roland Dorgeles tied a pai
John F Kennedy arranged a dinner to get his friend Lem Billings to meet actress Greta Garbo after listening to Lem boasting about his friendship with
In 1955, a research assistant snuck a joke into Nobel rize-winning work before after F Flow- meter To vac take p (Small A sySTem oir octvity orge syst
CRACKEDCON During his lawyer years Abraham Lincoln got a bunch of judges and lawyers to strip naked. While traveling with his legal buddies he suggest
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