18 Historical Practical Jokes That Are Still Funny Today

18 Historical Practical Jokes That Are Still Funny Today

Ever since mankind developed concepts such as “clans,” “towns,” or “societies,” it has had one need within its social constructs. A valve to unload the stress, pressure, or injustice within our organized groups. This need has been within our DNA for centuries upon centuries: the need to screw with other people!

When you picture the past, you probably picture dignified, fancy people doing dignified, fancy things. Welp, the joke's on you. People have been jackasses since the dawn of time. Ever since a caveman could fart in another caveman's mouth, we as a species love to pull pranks on one another, whether it is in good clean fun, revenge against the enemy, or just to play with poop. It's amazing to see how little has changed in our attitudes towards practical jokes from when we first walked upright to now.

Here are 18 practical jokes throughout history which still seem hilarious to us today.

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