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Fame is fleeting. One week an actor pops up on every station, and then the next week they're nowhere to be seen. In the case of these actors, though, they can still be heard, in surprising places like ...

Entry by Kevin King

Lacey Chabert is Zeta the Sorceress Shimmer nickelodeon Shnes & Lacey Chabert (the Party of Five actress who wasn't Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hew

Entry by Kevin King

Jon Heder is Oskar Greason Sar Dlaney Vs The Fokces of ExL Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Heder may be under the radar right now, but he's keeping things off

Entry by Kevin King

Michael Dorn is Dr. Vicktor. BEN 10 After playing Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation for years, Michael Dorn got a gig playing the nefarious Dr. V

Entry by Kevin King

Roseanne Barr is Kraang Prime 4680022 ickelodeon. STEENAGE! IMUTRIT NINA TURTLES Of all the big stars who showed up to voice characters in the most re

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