You would think that commonly-stated facts earned that status because, you know, they're valid statements backed by proven data. But, as with many things we tend to accept wholesale, it turns out many of these "facts" are pretty much bullshit.

(Shout out to Dwayne Hoover for the contest suggestion. Celebrate by eating all the cake you desire.)

Entry by AsherNitin

CRACKEDCO Mexican immigration into the USA is higher than ever, right? About time we built that wall, right? Wrong. Thenumber of Mexican migrants is a

Entry by PookieJones

WE LIVE IN A GLOBAL VILLAGE. WELL, HALF OF US DO. While the number gn of Internet users is constantly on pp the rise, so far only 3.7 billion (out 7.5

Entry by Maclise

The U.S. isn't the country that spends the most on its military, GDP-wise. In 2016 the U.S. spent 3% of its GDP on its military. Seventeen other count

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