19 Commonly-Held Beliefs, Debunked With Statistics

It turns out facts and stats don't go together as often as you'd think.
19 Commonly-Held Beliefs, Debunked With Statistics

You would think that commonly-stated facts earned that status because, you know, they're valid statements backed by proven data. But, as with many things we tend to accept wholesale, it turns out many of these "facts" are pretty much bullshit.

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Supportt for same-SEX marriage is on the rise. Homophobes and non-supporters might make the news due to their loud opposition, but a recent study unco
Think that more guns means a Higher murder rate? Lower murder rate? Well, comparing the homicide rate and guns per capita across 173 countries we find
CRACKEDCO Mexican immigration into the USA is higher than ever, right? About time we built that wall, right? Wrong. Thenumber of Mexican migrants is a
Kids these days all high on are the drugs? NO Nah, man DRUGS Teen drug use has actually been on a steady decline for the past several years. Even thou
Candy and chocolate consumers weigh more right? Nope! A study shows that people who indulge in confectionery tend to have lower weight, smaller waistl
Bisexuality is NOT just a phase. who Research shows that women identified bisexual maintained as over a attractions to both genders end decade long st
THINK YOUR FORGETFUL PAL HAS GOLDFISH MEMORY? 5F 10 50 15 45 20 40 35 25 O0 30 THINK AGAIN. Contrary to popular belief, that goldfish have a three sec
CRACKED According to a study in which 275 elite scientists were interviewed, 20 percent of them, who identified as atheists also said they were spi
WE LIVE IN A GLOBAL VILLAGE. WELL, HALF OF US DO. While the number gn of Internet users is constantly on pp the rise, so far only 3.7 billion (out 7.5
Serial killers aren't all the hyper-geniuses the media makes them out to be. The average IQ of an American serial killer is 95, just below the nationa
When you think about POVERTY and HUNGER, the first image in your head is that of malnourished AFRICAN CHILDREN? YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG IDEA. The situati
Slavery has been abolished in the modern world. Right? Except the estimated 20.9 million still trapped in some form of slavery
Burglars oniy strike at night, SO it's okay to turn off the alarms during the day. Not according to the FBI. Their statistics show that break-ins happ
Prescription painkillers are just as deadly as heroin. In 2015 the CDC recorded 923 deaths due to accidental painkiller overdose, compared to 284 for
Having kids doesn't make people happier, and it doesn't bring spouses closer together. In fact, it'll probably be the opposite. Fantasy Reality Resear
19 Commonly-Held Beliefs, Debunked With Statistics
EATING ORGANIC FOOD PREVENTS CANCER. Except it doesn't. In 2014, University of Oxford conducted study of a 600, 000 women and founD no significant d
The U.S. isn't the country that spends the most on its military, GDP-wise. In 2016 the U.S. spent 3% of its GDP on its military. Seventeen other count


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