19 Baldfaced Lies You Totally Got Away With

Look, we're not encouraging you to lie ... but these are pretty good.
19 Baldfaced Lies You Totally Got Away With

We've all told little white lies in our lives ... but we've also probably told a lot more baloney that we absolutely can't believe we got away with. And while we don't encourage people to be dishonest, sometimes that dishonesty makes for a pretty good story.

(Shout out to Kalli for the contest suggestion. We'll never trust you again.)

CRACKEDCON Some mugger asked for my wallet SO 0 started doing hand gestures as if I was mute and proceeded to walk away. He must have believed me beca
I ICONVINCED MY FRIEND THAT THE PREDATOR WAS REAL. When my friend and I were kids, we saw Predator for the first time on Halloween. I was a bit older
When I was little, I convinced my brothers that we weren't really related, and that I was actually a princess from a faraway land. I told them they ha
My nephew would poop in the lake every time he swam So I convinced him that sharks were attracted to poop and would eventually get him if he didn't st
19 Baldfaced Lies You Totally Got Away With
After months of funemployment I managed to land a job. Due to anxiety I couldn't sleep the night before SO I woke up an hour late. I put on a tracksui
SPURINY SECURIT When I was 18 I talked my way into a 21-and-over club by telling the bouncer I'd left my ID at my friend's house where I'd been using
I went to college in Indiana but I'm from Memphis, SO new acquaintances would ALWAYS ask me if I was an Elvis fan or if I'd been to Graceland. I'd tel
When I was seven, I was playing football with my brother, and scared off an annoying five-year-old neighbor kid by telling him that our football was p
After a class trip, my mom found cigarettes in my suitcase. I managed to keep my voice from fluctuating as I said: OH, IT HAPPENED TO ME, TOO? THE OT
In order to avoid spending time with my coworkers, I made up a story of my grandma being sick with hemorrhoids, cancer, bird flu, and diabetes, all at
CRACKED COM I convinced my annoying little brother that this sign meant LOL. For a long time would LOL at everything he said to his sheer delight.
CRAGKEDCON L love my (fake) girlfriend! My boss asked me to take one of my colleagues home because her car broke down. Not feeling up tO it, I told hi
One of my female friends had a jealous super-jock boyfriend So in order to hang out with her without pissing him off, 0 convinced him 0 was gay 0 acte
CRACKEDCON MINMH Aa qUOAA 423. M 4ho I told my college housemate, who Was a bit of a jerk, that I had the 'gift' of seeing ghosts and that there Was o
My now-husband is a really good cook. When we'd just started dating. I told him I was terrible at it SO he could 'teach' me how, because 0 had weird,
When was in elementary school and my sister was in preschool lconvinced herthat she was adopted, and her real mother was the woman on the refried bean
when met my wife's super religious parents for the first time, I panicked and told them I was a devout christian even though I was (and am) aan atheis

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