When it comes to being famous, it turns out that being talented is only a tiny factor in accumulating your wealth, if it even has any bearing at all.

No, more often than not, celebrities make all their money in ways that don't involve how they got famous in the first place. For example ...

Entry by Maclise

21 Insane Ways Celebrities Get (And Stay) Rich

Entry by jaoafallas

CRACKED.CQM HONEST HONESTC DI THE CO. ESTCO EST Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company, a business that sells eco-friendly diapers and other premium

Entry by

Sammy Hagar made more money selling tequila than being the lead singer of Van Halen. BUCABU NVABO TA CAL wAo ABO WARO ABV CABO CABD s CABG WABO WABO H

Entry by PookieJones

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets over $200,000 every time he appears as a guest speaker. And a private jet to fly him to tHE location of tHE auditorium.

Entry by Kevin King

CRACKEDcO Jake Paul became one of the fastest rising stars on YouTube, just by trolling people. He makes an average of 10 million a year just from dai

Entry by Scott Laffey

Whose entire Scott Disick... claim to fame is being Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy... made up to Has $80,000 for just showing up atta night club f

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