16 Movie Stunts That Are Amazing

16 Movie Stunts That Are Amazing

Movie magic at times is anything but. Stunts in movies are usually tested and arranged for maximum safety for everyone involved. After all, a lot of money is on the line when a movie is made. It would not only be tragic if a person gets hurt or if there was so much destruction that it would delay or cancel the film shoot, but it would cost a lot of money that would never be recovered. If you think that's a harsh take, blame capitalism.

That's why stunt people are so impressive. They take risks for our entertainment. Usually reasonable risks, but risks nonetheless.

But that's not who we're talking about today. We're talking about the riskiest of risks where the stunt-person made it out alive (somehow) and it also made it to the final cut of the movie (again, somehow). These stunts require bravery, stupidity, and just plain guts.

Read up about the pratfalls, dangerous dives, furious fights, and other nutty stunts done in the name of the box office.

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