Directors put a lot of hard work into their movies. And a small percentage of those people put more hard work into their films than any sane human being should. And all for tiny details you didn't even notice, you jerk. We asked our readers to provide some of the craziest details overlooked by the movie-going public. Winner got $100 ...

Entry by BobThayer

Gone With The Wind (1939) CRACKEDCO For the buming of Atlanta, MGM bumned old sets for King Kong and other films. It was intense that Culver so City r

Entry by SomerOf84

Russian Ark carries it's audience on a journey spanning 300 years through the Winter Palace at the Hermitage in one uninterrupted 90-minute shot. Prec

Entry by duckout

The special effects team for The Matrix performed over 200 test shots with nearly 150 different combinations of chemicals to get the flames to 'flow'

Entry by Adogg1991

If Malta also knowa you you Popeye go to can visit Sweethaven, AS Village, entire town built for the 1980 live action Popeye AN movie. CRACKED COM

Entry by phuhknees

Fitzcarraldo, the 1982 film by Werner Herzog, is a movie about an opera-loving madman who was determined to drag a boat overland from one river syst

Entry by F-O

For this scene in Hero, director Zhang Yimou wanted the surface of the lake to be perfectly still. It occured only 2 hours a day... The 3 minute scene

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