How Famous Movie Places Look IRL

How Famous Movie Places Look IRL

You might think that a lot of fictional locations are the workings of movie magic but, of course, you'd be totally wrong. While there aren't any planet-destroying space stations out there (maybe), there are plenty of film locations you can go visit right now.

(Shout out to Kalli for suggesting this contest, who no doubt came up with it trying to find Edgar Wright's house on Google.)

Entry by Paika

CRACKED.CO WTININO Lookin' back, on the track, for a little green bag... There it is. RESERVOIR DOGS

Entry by BRWombat

Here's the story... of a lovely house.. That is found in StuDio City in L.A. ADD A fence AnD take away... the fake WinDow.. YoU'll finD it's still the

Entry by jmbrundige

CRACKED.COM Visitors to Chippewa Square in Savannah, GA, are often disappointed to discover that the famous bench from Forrest Gump was just a prop ma

Entry by fcommaq

mar Rh Cafe You can have a damn fine cup of coffee at Twede's in North Bend, WA; it served as the Double R in the Twin Peaks movie and TV show. WEDES

Entry by MistakeNot

wiTTM M KTENT TE Wayne Manor from The Dark Knight Rises is in fact Wollaton Hall. Located five miles north of Gotham, Nottinghamshire. CRACKED.COM

Entry by bazooka

James E. Potter Elementary School [established 1873 in Bodega, California was condemned in December 1961. just three months before it was used for fri

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