23 Times Characters Straight-Up Sexually Harassed People

23 Times Characters Straight-Up Sexually Harassed People

Failing to get someone's consent. Drugging people. Being inappropriate to minors. All of these things will get you in a shitload of trouble here in the real world. But, in the fantasy land of television and movies, it's just another wacky day in the neighborhood.

(Shout out to conspiracist for the contest suggestion.)

Entry by Kevin King

CRACKED.COM Season 2, Episode 2 the Mindy project In a scene that is played for laughs, Mindy takes advantage of Dr. Paul Leotard while he's drunk. Sh

Entry by Yaznest

In every single episodes of House, there is at least one scene where Dr. House makes off-the-cuff sexual remarks towards Dr. Cuddy and she just stands

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