Even for conspiracy theories, the ones you're about to learn about are pretty out there. And either you're going to agree, or we've just inadvertently unleashed Pandora's Box, and you're all going to start investing in more tinfoil.

Entry by okojemiako

The Large Hadron Collider Summons The God Of Death Researcher William Henry claims that CERN built the Collider as a stargate portal to summon the G

Entry by okojemiako

The U.S. Government Has Weather Weapons Of Mass Destruction According to bloggers such as Bill Morgan and Michael Shore, the U.S. government has the

Entry by milito

Accoroing tO British historian Hubert Humoinger, Queer Elizabeth is canibal a and she derceros from long lie of carribals. a This is why she's lives f

Entry by BBY

FLUORIDEALERT.ORG is a community that approves and spreads the theory that the fluoride found in tap water makes people more obedient so the governmen

Entry by okojemiako

Vladimir Putin Poisoned Hillary clinton Forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu believes Putin slowly poisoned Clinton, possibly with Trump's aid. This expl

Entry by milito

It wasn't Mark David Chapman who killed John Lennon Se Asth Chapman Lenee ally creating a nuclear explosion simply ptring owtognupk, YAICAT volunte 'N

Entry by Maclise

Back to the Future predicted 9/11 (and everything else). 68 A YouTube series by Polarization Nation Media claims that Back to the Future predicted 9/1

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