The 36 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories On The Internet

Even for conspiracy theories, these are pretty out there.
The 36 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories On The Internet

Even for conspiracy theories, the ones you're about to learn about are pretty out there. And either you're going to agree, or we've just inadvertently unleashed Pandora's Box, and you're all going to start investing in more tinfoil.

Ever wonder the real reason behind Bush's invasion of Iraq? According to Dr. Michael E. Salla, PhD, he wanted to prevent the reincarnation of Nebuchad
WND'S Selena Owens believes that the ice bucket challenge is an attempt to recruit satanists. She sees the challenge as a means to 'baptize' unknowing
Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space in 1961. But according to the LOST COSMONAUTS CONSPIRACY THEORY, the Soviet Union laun
Robert Kardashian and Ted Cruz are the same person! Out-there website believes that Robert Kardashian never died but faked his death an
Everyday Chemistry is purportedly a Beatles album from an alternate universe in which the group never broke up. A man calling himself James Richard
The Large Hadron Collider Summons The God Of Death Researcher William Henry claims that CERN built the Collider as a stargate portal to summon the G
Activists at are adamant that the recent drought in California was engineered by the U.S. government, possibly as a form of fo
Former World Bank legal counsel Karen Hudes claims that Homo capensis, a large-brained human species, secretly rules the world through using the world
The U.S. Government Has Weather Weapons Of Mass Destruction According to bloggers such as Bill Morgan and Michael Shore, the U.S. government has the
The 36 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories On The Internet
CRACKEDCON BIGFOOT IS AN ALIEN UFO researcher Stan Gordon believes this because, in the '70s, he started noticing Bigfoot sightings in the same areas
CRACKED.CO In January 2016, One Direction SD9 singer Louis Tomlinson's baby was born. But some fans swear the whole thing was staged. According to a T
IS THE EARTH FLAT? According to countless Youtube videos, the answer is Yes. Flat Earth theories are nothing new but have spread like wildfire over th
Obama Traveled To Mars Lawyer Andrew D. Basiago and friend William Stillings are self-acclaimed chrononauts, or time-travelers. The two men claim th
Accoroing tO British historian Hubert Humoinger, Queer Elizabeth is canibal a and she derceros from long lie of carribals. a This is why she's lives f
Some people believe dinosaurs helped build the pyramids. Even some professionals believe this. According to professor of Egyptology Nabir A-sammud, di
FINLAND DOESNT EXIST! It's a secret that Japan and Russia hiding from world. are the Japan can fish in that region of ocean without worrying about env
According to conservative broadcaster Alex Jones, Joan Rivers was murdered and it was arranged by the Obamas in retaliation for Rivers revealing that
The 36 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories On The Internet
Anti-Catholic activist Alberto Rivera blamed the rise of Nazism, Communism, and Islam on Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church. His source? Files from
Palestinian authorities are adamant in their belief that Israel has been dumping aphrodisiac gum in Gaza to boost the sex drive of young people and c
Jewish Mind Controlled Sharks! In 2010, a series of shark attacks occurred at the Red Sea resort town Sharm El Sheikh. In an interview with Egyptian n
FLUORIDEALERT.ORG is a community that approves and spreads the theory that the fluoride found in tap water makes people more obedient so the governmen
The NASA Blue Beam Project According to the late journalist Serge Monast, NASA is planning on projecting giant 3D holograms of religous figures into t
CRACKEDOON IS Paul really dead? It doesn't actually matter, since BEATLES THE never existed at all! In fact, all of them were replaced multiple times
Vladimir Putin Poisoned Hillary clinton Forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu believes Putin slowly poisoned Clinton, possibly with Trump's aid. This expl
DONALD TRUMP IS AN ALIEN After studying a NASA Rover Photo, Scott Waring (a blogger posting on shared that he'd found a perfect
The Nazis Hid UFO Bunkers In Antarctica UFO chasers and YouTubers, SecureTeam1o, claim that Nazi-built UFO bases can be seen in NASA's photos of Antar
MICHAEL JACKSON WAS KILLED BY THE IRANIAN GOVERMENT As reported by The Telegraph, many believed that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had The King of Pop murdered
The 36 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories On The Internet
According to, THE TITANIC WAS SUNK TO ELIMINATE OPPOSITION TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE. Founding the Federal Reserve was part of a Jesu
It wasn't Mark David Chapman who killed John Lennon Se Asth Chapman Lenee ally creating a nuclear explosion simply ptring owtognupk, YAICAT volunte 'N
Some believe that the king of gonzo journalism, HUNTER S. THOMPSON, was ASSASSNATED for saying 9/11 was an inside job. Much of the theory comes from t
FORGET THE MOON LANDING HOAX... BECAUSE THE MOON DOESN'T EXIST! 1970: IWo Soviet scientists Theorize that the moon is an ancient extraterrestrials spa
Back to the Future predicted 9/11 (and everything else). 68 A YouTube series by Polarization Nation Media claims that Back to the Future predicted 9/1

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