Misunderstandings happen all the time. Language is hard, ears and brains are fallible, Taco Bell left out my soft taco again. But it's just a fact of life, we're not going achieve pure harmony until we have Babelfish or mind meld technology. Or Professor X just wheeling around adjudicating things. Plugged up to Cerebro, just booming down like the voice of God, saying “no no no, your wife said she wanted fish for dinner, not wish I married a winner.” Kinda hard to tell if that would be life easier or more terrifying, tbh. 

Some misunderstands, however, turn out to be way more catastrophic than that time mom put pickles on your hamburger. Like, colonialism and World War-level catastrophic. We're talking tiny little goofs that turned into big huge to-dos. We asked our readers to bring us the worst misunderstandings of all time and came up with a pretty solid 15. Winner got $100 ...

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