The B-Movie Gimmick From The '60s (That We Want Back)

We’ve discussed William Castle here at Cracked, the all-time king of horror movie gimmicks. And among all his contrivances to get butts in theater seats to watch B-grade schlock, there's a particularly clever one used in one of his ‘best’ movies, Homicidal.

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While it may have caused most of us to believe we're going to die in the immediate future -- it turns out there are some things that can't be diagnosed by WebMD. Because, as it turns out, the world of medical science is full of some truly bizarre conditions.

(Warning: This gallery might cause slight squeamishness.)

Entry by jaoafallas

Since birth, had a man a tumor in his eye that gradually grew in size & produced some long hairs. This kind of tumor is known as limbal dermoids. They

Entry by jaoafallas

A Chilean woman, Estela Melendez has been carrying fetus in her womb for a than 60 more years. Doctors considered operating to remove the fetus but la

Entry by jaoafallas

A fish jaw was removed from a man's eye. A 52-year-old man was swimming in the Red Sea when he collided with a school of fish. Later, the man develope

Entry by jaoafallas

Remember Mr. Spock's Vulcan green blood in Star Trek? A Canadian man developed similarly colored blood after taking large doses of his migraine medica

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