Two truths and a lie: 1) one of our writers wrote this at a Starbucks, 2) one of our writers wrote this at a Panera, and 3) one of our writers is recovering from getting hit by a train. Surprise! It's number 3! Don't worry, he's fine, we think. Anyway, we bring up shockingly unexpected moments where sometimes something so insane happens it makes us wonder why the rest of the movie wasn't just that and that alone. Like Meet Joe Black, when Brad Pitt gets drilled by not one but two cars and the rest of the movie is…we forget.

Without a doubt, for every amazing film Hollywood accidentally farts out, there are ten that are just absolute hot garbage. But nothing is all the way bad. Even these turds have moments so incredible, it makes you wonder if there was a guest director brought in just to film these scenes.

For example ...

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