21 Signs That Story You're About To Share Is Secretly B.S.

Pro tip: It's useful to actually read an article before commenting angrily on it.
21 Signs That Story You're About To Share Is Secretly B.S.

Thanks to the Twitters and the Facebooks of the world, we pretty much just digest our "news" these days on the click-bait headlines we see when we're scrolling through poorly but still hilarious memes.

Which sucks, because it's pretty much ruining society. So, here's how to avoid that pitfall of becoming an angry internet denizen in the future.

(As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the voodoo she works putting these together.)

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IN MIDDLE OF BOOK. Shocked by actions of a certain group? BO OF UR PRI HICH QUALITY MID END That group 1 might be smaller than WE TO you think. Severa
Forbes is a solid, reliable news source. O0R PRIC HICH QUALITY GUIDE ATIONAL INVESTMENT Forbes 12. 2012 EDITION MARCH MONEY. Their website might not b
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Wondering if that amazing image is Photoshopped? OUR PRI HICH QUALITY There are ways to spot a composite. Most images undergo some refining before the
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AuntieMeme may or may not have a Diablo addiction that she may or may not talk about on Facebook.

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