There's a poignant riddle about how time destroys everything. We can't remember how it goes, and it's a lot more eloquent than that, but whatever: time is a dick.

It's hard to observe this dickishness as it happens, but when you see the pictures of the passage of time, it's pretty undeniable. For example ...

Entry by PookieJones

2014 The Independence Square in Kiev is restored to its former glory since the riots. 2016

Entry by John E.

CRACKEDCON ATACAMA DESERT Located in Chile it is one of the driest places on Earth Usual state Oct. 2015 Some heavy rainfall and 6 months later..

Entry by Maclise

June 16, 1917 Aftermath of the Battle of Passchendaele in World War 1. December 5, 1917 CRACKED COM

Entry by Joyce Rogers

Florida's Soldier Key (15 miles south of Miami Beach) August, 1992 Two weeks before Hurricane Andrew One week after Hurricane Andrew

Entry by Maclise

Black Canyon before and after the construction of Hoover Dam. 1928 1936 CRACKEDCON

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