23 Places The World Changed Shockingly Fast [Before & After]

Time is a jerk and we have the pictures to prove it.
23 Places The World Changed Shockingly Fast [Before & After]

There's a poignant riddle about how time destroys everything. We can't remember how it goes, and it's a lot more eloquent than that, but whatever: time is no good.

It's hard to observe this as it happens, but when you see the pictures of the passage of time, it's pretty undeniable. For example ...

CRACKED This is the Danube River near Immendingen before the 2011 drought. And below is what happened to it after the drought. That man is walking on
View over Doha, capital of Qatar, in 1977. And this is Doha in 2014.
2014 The Independence Square in Kiev is restored to its former glory since the riots. 2016
CRACKEDCO In Aug. 2015, a team of EPA regulators, at the abandoned Gold King Mine, accidently released toxic wastewater. This led to the contamination
Reference photo of northwestern & southern Pakistan in August 9, 2009: tinds River Kashmor Extreme monsoon floods hit in August 12, 2010: Indus River
UNESCO world heritage site, The Maju Deval temple, before and after an earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th of April, 2015.
23 Places The World Changed Shockingly Fast
23 Places The World Changed Shockingly Fast
CRACKEDCON ATACAMA DESERT Located in Chile it is one of the driest places on Earth Usual state Oct. 2015 Some heavy rainfall and 6 months later..
Emae Island in the Sheppard Islands group of Vanuatu was devastated by Cyclone Pam, in March of 2015, completely destroying the jungle, in some places
23 Places The World Changed Shockingly Fast
June 16, 1917 Aftermath of the Battle of Passchendaele in World War 1. December 5, 1917 CRACKED COM
23 Places The World Changed Shockingly Fast
CRACKEDCO March, 2014 GE In September of 2015, lslamic State militants blew up the ancient temple of Bel, one of Syria's most important cultural herit
2011 CRACKEDcO Australia's Great Barrier Reef is SO majestically large that it can be seen from space. Thanbs to pollution and climate change, the Gre
This is the Wadi As-Sirhan Basin in Saudi Arabia 1987 2012 In just 25 years, what used to be a barren desert is now a sea of circular green fields whe
1904 1913 Panama Canal The Culebra Cut between Gold Hill and Contractor's Hill Aug. 1914 CRACKEDCON
Florida's Soldier Key (15 miles south of Miami Beach) August, 1992 Two weeks before Hurricane Andrew One week after Hurricane Andrew
CRACKED cO COM In 1973, a volcanic eruption created the small island of Nishinoshima, in Japan. In 2013, a second eruption created a new islet next to
palwlias iree! Ar Poem CRAUN Defore after 2015
Black Canyon before and after the construction of Hoover Dam. 1928 1936 CRACKEDCON
Months other than July The Yellow Sea near Qingdao beaches in China is overrun by algae every summer. Climate change has made the waters warmer during
23 Places The World Changed Shockingly Fast

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