We like to walk around, wagging our big technological wieners over the hallowed grounds of our ancestors and their puny, non-industrious, metaphorical phalluses.

Except maybe those genitals aren't so pu- OK, we'll drop the analogy all ready. Point being, our ancestors achieved some pretty crazy shit for living in an age without electronic toothbrushes.

Entry by Maclise

For comparison, it's believed that the Great The York Minster Pyramid of Giza took years to build. Work 20 Cathedral took started on York Minster in 1

Entry by djHanDon

Jo build the pyeramids the Egyptians: of 2500 BC had to transport incredibly heav stone blocks and the desert wooden sleds. statues across using This

Entry by Jordan Rudow

Ancient natives of the Nasca region in Peru built a series of puquios, dozens of spiraling holes that med a massive hydraulic system designed to ext

Entry by CZM

When the Great Wall of China was first built 200 years ago, it spanned a distance longer than LA to NYC. This insane testament to good neighbors requi

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