25 Pet Behaviors That Mean The Opposite Of What You Think

Because you know they can read our minds.
25 Pet Behaviors That Mean The Opposite Of What You Think

It's not secret that our pets can absolutely read our minds. And we like to think we can read theirs, and apply a super cute voice to those thoughts in the process. But it turns out that we really kind of don't know much about what our pets are thinking.

So in an effort to improve pet-human relations, please consult this guide before you try to figure out Mr. Wiggins next move.

You might like to gaze lovingly into your dog's eyes. Your dog sees that as a threat. Dogs avoid eye contact with one another, when they interact. If
Cats are SO clean. They're always licking themselves. And the reason they wash is to get rid of your scent. Cats are incredibly scent-oriented - they
When your dog yawns, you figure he's getting sleepy. HO HUM, He might be trying to shake off stress. Yes, dogs do yawn when they're tired - and they'v
A purring cat is a happy cat, right? Not necessarily. Cats do purr when happy, but they also purr to comfort themselves when they're frightened, and t
You might think a dog with a wagging tail is a friendly, happy dog. It might be - - depending on the tail position. The position of the tail matters a
You might think your cat brings you prey to please you. It's actually trying to teach you to hunt. Cats are natural hunters, and yours has noticed tha
Some people think a smiling dog is a happy, friendly dog. But any time you see a dog's teeth, beware. A dog who is feeling happy and calm will smile
If you've got a yowling cat, you're probably mad at her. You should be mad at yourself. Unless cat has a medical problem the a or is in heat, most lik
When your dog pees on the floor, you might think he's excited to see you. He might just be telling you that you're the boss. If your dog cowers and pe
When a cat pees on your stuff, you might think he hates you. But the truth is, he's into you. An insecure cat wants to establish a bond with you, SO h
Think your dog gives you licks because he loves you? He's doing it because you're the alpha. When a dog is a puppy, it licks its mother to signal that
You probably think your cat rubbing against your leg is saying, I love you. Nope. She's saying, I own you. That cat lovingly caressing your leg is
Is your dog SO happy to go walkies that he pulls on the leash? That's not happiness. IT'S confusion. Dogs need to be specifically trained to recognize
If you love your cat, you probably tell her SO, in words. She won't get it unless you use your eyes. To really connect with your cat, you should learn
If you pet another dog, does your dog pick that moment to act out? She's not bonkers. She's jealous. Scientists put two dogs side by side and had them
When your cat leaves his poop unburied, you might think he's just being careless. The truth is, he's leaving a message. Normally cats are quite tidy w
You might think you should give your dog a great big hug. Your dog would probably hate that. Hugging increases a dog's stress level. A professor who s
A hissing cat is an angry cat, right? Not quite. Hissing is meant to terrify you. A cat's hiss is intended to mimic a deadly snake attack, from the hi
Dogs who eat their poop are either nuts or starving, right? Actually, they're following instincts. Predatory animals in the wild find dog dens by the
When your cat arches her back and puffs her tail, you might think that's aggression. It's not. It's fear. When a cat fluffs up her tail and raises her
You might think butt- sniffing is a greeting, or to compare poop. It's actually extensive information gathering. They're not checking one another's po
Your cat showing you his belly might seem like a trap. It's really a sign of trust. Most cat owners have experienced it-seeing their cat splayed on hi
When your dog barks, you might yell at her to shut up. Which tells your dog that it's time to bark. Your yelling sounds to your dog like you're barkin
You're probably tired of your dog begging for your food. But what she's saying is, I trust you. Scientists set out two plates of human food, and had
When your pet misbehaves, you punish it. That's basic. And it's basically wrong. Punishing your dog or cat just teaches it that you're mean. They don'

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