18 Bizarre Reasons For Iconic Quirks Of Celebrities

18 Bizarre Reasons For Iconic Quirks Of Celebrities

Celebrities are endlessly fascinating, and it's truly not our fault for getting wrapped up in their quirks. They share deeply personal information about themselves every chance they get, making it unavoidable to know the most intimate details about their lives. Whether it's Prince Harry telling us about the time he did shrooms at Courteney Cox's house or Seth Rogen saying critics have made him cry, there are some things we simply don't need to know. What happened to mystery? However, being the society we are, we still like to dissect every facet of the information they tell us. To that end, our readers looked into (and debunked) rumors surrounding celebrities: how Seal really got his scars, why Penn Jillette paints one fingernail red, the truth behind Steven Van Zandt's affinity for bandanas, and the very dark reason The Wiggles always do their signature “finger point” gesture in pictures. Let's go!


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