25 Unfathomable Facts About Porn And Sex (You Can't Unknow)

Belarus: Where the men watch My Little Pony porn and the women watch anal.
25 Unfathomable Facts About Porn And Sex (You Can't Unknow)

We all know the internet is only good for two things: Editing Wikipedia pages to contain hideous lies and looking at free porn. But, as you're about to find out, it turns out people are abusing that second thing in weird and kind of hilarious ways.

What exactly are human beings looking for in their porn? Well ...

As there official are no statistics to determine the number of FURRIES in the population, it would be difficult to say how many people are part of thi
CRACKEDCON Russian, Belarussian, Kyrguzstani, Uzbek, and Ukranian women's top porn search term is 'anal. But it's not just a fascination amongst the
CRACKED COM kim kardashian According to a study by PornHub, the most searched-for porn star in Australia is Kim Kardashian.
When get old wE we lose interest in sex, right? Not according to a recent study n the New England Journal of Medicine. 2/3 of surveyed retirment age p
Android users are 19% More likely than iPhone users to search for porn involving marijuana. CRACKEDCON
Fifty Shades Of Grey met with a lukewarm reception in Japanese cinemas (it was outsold nearly two-to-one by The Peanuts Movie. to put things in perspe
Chikan: CRACKEDCON To silently grope someone you don't know, mainly on the train. In Japan, priyate clubs set up rooms to Pook like train cars that ar
Filipinos appear to enjoy hanging around porn sites, spending on average 12 minutes and 45 seconds per visit. Cubans, however, like to get to business
In South Korea, the fifth most searched for term on porn sites is: OVERWATCH The game isn't even out yet.
CRACKED.COM Married! Just South Dakota has a higher percentage of LGBT people than: CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC STATE OF THE omt OF HL SEA/ 1889 And 39 other
CRACKEDCO CON The 6th most-searched porn in the world is stepsister
Porn MD shows the top terms searched for on porn sites in certain countries. 12 of their countries: Algerla, Egypt, Irag, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Lib
CRACKED cO COM North and South Dakota are the states in the US most interested in pregnancy porn.
Age Proportions in Top 20 Traffic Countries Who said old 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Argentina 289 29 18 125 O 4 people don't Australia 32 27 16
According to porn search onsine Pornnd, the #7 porn Search in the Ukraine - between llorgasm and creamplee Is: DOTA 2 CRACKED COM VALVE
According to Google Trends, people from Pakistan search for 'horse porn' the most when compared to the rest of the world! And specifically, most of th
CRACKEDCON According to Harvard researcher Ben Edelman, Utah is the largest consumer of paid online porn fiin the United States. This is the same Utah
The majority of the world's searches for My Little Pony porn come from the central European country of Belarus. Fstonla Sweden Latvia Bussia Lithuania
According to a global sex survey conducted by condom manufacturer Durex back in 2005, people worldwide are having sex for the first time at an average
We're probably not getting less perverted as a society over time, but we may be losing interest in some of our former kinks. This chart shows a strong
Researchers were surprised to discover that what they had assumed were mere boasts by middle-aged Aka and Ngandu tribesman in central Africa were true
Census United States 1.1% of all U.S. adults identify their sexual orientation as something else CRACKEDCON
CRACKED o 6.00 Half of the top ten porn searches in China involve the word Japanese.
THE UNITED STATES OF PENIS SEE HOW EACH STATE RANKS IN AVERAGE JUNK SIZE Men in Alaska sport some of the smallest penises in America. BIG SMALL TEEN H

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