We all know the internet is only good for two things: Editing Wikipedia pages to contain hideous lies and looking at free porn. But, as you're about to find out, it turns out people are abusing that second thing in weird and kind of hilarious ways.

What exactly are human beings looking for in their porn? Well ...

Entry by mkad

Fifty Shades Of Grey met with a lukewarm reception in Japanese cinemas (it was outsold nearly two-to-one by The Peanuts Movie. to put things in perspe

Entry by Maclise

In South Korea, the fifth most searched for term on porn sites is: OVERWATCH The game isn't even out yet.

Entry by mkad

Porn MD shows the top terms searched for on porn sites in certain countries. 12 of their countries: Algerla, Egypt, Irag, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Lib

Entry by Rob Rose

CRACKEDCON According to Harvard researcher Ben Edelman, Utah is the largest consumer of paid online porn fiin the United States. This is the same Utah

Entry by mkad

We're probably not getting less perverted as a society over time, but we may be losing interest in some of our former kinks. This chart shows a strong

Entry by Maclise

CRACKED o 6.00 Half of the top ten porn searches in China involve the word Japanese.

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