25 Unfathomable Facts About Porn And Sex (You Can't Unknow)

25 Unfathomable Facts About Porn And Sex (You Can't Unknow)

We all know the internet is only good for two things: Editing Wikipedia pages to contain hideous lies and looking at free porn. But, as you're about to find out, it turns out people are abusing that second thing in weird and kind of hilarious ways.

What exactly are human beings looking for in their porn? Well ...

Entry by McButton

Chikan: CRACKEDCON To silently grope someone you don't know, mainly on the train. In Japan, priyate clubs set up rooms to Pook like train cars that ar

Entry by Dorque

According to porn search onsine Pornnd, the #7 porn Search in the Ukraine - between llorgasm and creamplee Is: DOTA 2 CRACKED COM VALVE

Entry by Maclise

The majority of the world's searches for My Little Pony porn come from the central European country of Belarus. Fstonla Sweden Latvia Bussia Lithuania

Entry by mkad

Researchers were surprised to discover that what they had assumed were mere boasts by middle-aged Aka and Ngandu tribesman in central Africa were true

Entry by djHanDon

THE UNITED STATES OF PENIS SEE HOW EACH STATE RANKS IN AVERAGE JUNK SIZE Men in Alaska sport some of the smallest penises in America. BIG SMALL TEEN H

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