We've got a lot of information out there via pamphlets and substance abuse programs that tell us drugs are bad and we should never, ever, ever touch them. Mmmkay?

And while yes, drugs and alcohol can be very crippling and destroy families and lives, it turns out we have a lot of cool shit to thank them for. For example ...

Entry by Scott Laffey

Friends star Matthew Perry stated in an interview that due to his substance addictions, he doesn't even remember 3 years offilming the show. He said i

Entry by jaoafallas

Fueled by amphetamines, Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdos worked 19 to 20 hours a day producing more than a thousand papers, making him one of the mo

Entry by EricRaymond

Dwight Morrow That serious looking banker is Dwight Whitney Morrow. During his life he made a fortune as the senior partner and trusted advisor Morgan

Entry by whoiswillo

During each of his six pit stops in the 1913 Indianapolis 500, Jules Goux drank a bottle of champagne. 8 He won after leading 138 of the 200 laps and

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