16 Iconic People Whose Beliefs Now Seem Horrifying

Richard Pryor probably would've picked up the wrong following.
16 Iconic People Whose Beliefs Now Seem Horrifying

The internet has given us lots of terrible things. But for all the shittiness it brings out in humanity, it is shockingly good at one thing: Calling famous people out for all their shittiness.

Which is why the following people can thank their careers to hard work, talent, intelligence, and the lack of an internet audience.

No fat chicks Tesla hated fat women and expected a very specific feminine profile. He once made his secretary go home and change because he disliked h
Considered the Hollywood Bowl Meltdown, Richard Pryor told the audience of the gay rights benefit, Star-Spangled Night for Rights, to kiss my happy,
In 1988, director Victor Salva pleaded guilty to having oral sex with a 12-year-old boy and videotaping the encounter. Additional child porn tapes and
Pope Alexander VI participated in an orgy with 5o prostitutes. (in his defense, a lot ofpeople were probably calling out oh God!) CRACKED.COM
Martin Luther, also known as the guy whO founded Protestantism, wrote a 65,000-word treatise talking smack about the Jews. Here's the summary of his t
In the DVD commentary for Dude, Where's My Car?, Ashton Kutcher bragged that he'd grabbed and spanked the asses of every actress in this scene. Imagin
Despite his immense wealth, King Farouk of Egypt was a huge kleptomaniac. King Farouk, who ruled from 1936-1952, once stole Winston Churchill's pocket
President John Quincy Adams liked to skinny dip in the Potomac. CRACKED.OON Try getting away with THAT in the age of smart phones!
Loretta Young fooled her biological daughter into thinking she was adopted for 31 years. While filming The Call of the Wild (1935), Young was impregna
Benjamin Franklin CRACKED.COM tried to seduce his friend's ladylove While residing in London, Franklin's friend James Ralph got a job as a schoolteach
At age 24p Rob Lowe videotaped himself having sex with a sixteen year old girl. In lieu of criminal charges he asreed to perform 20 hours of community
CRACKED.COM CONCERT PRESLEY ELVIS TEB NESTMORELANID KATHY Elvis, jaded that former fling, Kathy Westmoreland, had begun dating a member of the band, s
CRACKED.COM When Eddie Fisher learned that his good friend Mike Todd had died in a plane crash, he approached newly widowed Liz Taylor to comfort her.
Dwight Eisenhower had an affair, and Harry Truman destroyed military documents to hide it. During World War II. Eisenbower had sent a letter requestin
When he was 33, Aussie-turned-American film swashbuckler Errol Flynn was tried for rape and statutory rape against two different, teenage girls. Flynn

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