21 Awesome Real Easter Eggs Hidden on the Internet

21 Awesome Real Easter Eggs Hidden on the Internet

An easter egg is a wonderful thing to find in a movie or a video game. It's an even more wonderful thing to find in real life. We asked you to show us some easter eggs that'll add a little joy to our day. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

CRACREDCO SOUNDCLICK y.SoundClick ed Muslic Community Forum member profiles nt artist ams pnt a musician harvestfred Google Custom search eatured band
Holy Shit! There is a motherfucking pterodactyl hiding on www.theoatmeal.com I AM A MOTHERFUCKING PTERODACTYL! HERE TO PTERO-YOU A NEW ASSHOLE HTIP://
THCNET Visit http/ /thcnet.ne and specify some page that does not exist. and enjoy the best LOL File Not Found error page EVEr bY playing ZIRK to Ma
Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!- Mozilla Firefox 3 X Beta 5 File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help < about:robots Google Smart Bookmarks Getting Start
CRACKEDcO StreetView Googleplex headquarters near Mountain View, CA Yes, Google Headquarters that's the A 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, Googl
Peach Zhongcun A Shanzuidun okengjing 1. Open 'Google Earth' 2 Ress CTRL + ALT A T not to crash your F-16 CRACKED COM Baihualan
https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special.BlankPage Special page H 7 Blank page DIA clopedia This page is intentionally left blank. ent Privacy policy Abou
You Tube do the harlem shake Upload rTYPE... Feers .THEN HIT Podular on YouTube bo Musie THE HARLEM SHAKE (ORIGINALI D Dizastalusic 4 months 3g0 .506
CRACKEDoO Your next seven Go to the site ww.yournextseven.com Scroll to the bottom Of the page Legal Stuff Click Terms on this Privacy Non-l Enjoy Des
Coriks Marvel MARVEL Catalog Universe CRACKED' Ceenirs COM SEARCH VIsIT MARVEL'S SDCC Sr HRPE MARVEL 34N DIEGO MORE NEWS CON Ivon o 21 Vit omnal Mowe
GO TO HTTP:/PRODUCTEN.HEMA.NL/ snmelon nieuswstriedl winkels lantensenice registreren mn HEMA inloggen HEMA nome omiine winketen foto verzekeringen ev
+You Search Images Maps Play YouTube New +You Search Images Maps Play YouTube New +You Search Images Maps Play YouTube New +You Search Images Maps Pla
pgle CRACKEDCON zerg rush Web Images Maps Shopping Videos More Search About 1.640.000 results (0.14 seconds) Know O0 oevoshre Youo zerg ritsl onainst
Step 1: Type this into your web browser. http:llwww.youtube.com/watch?v=B7UmUX68KtE Step 2: Make sure the official Swedish Chef captions are enabled
Google Destruction of Mass I'm Feelinglucky Weapons search Google i These Weapons cannot be of displa Mass Destruction yed The weapons country you are
ame Ns Gasll Dkee Calenlas Google Translate Tafetak Emgak Loans k Dik pvpkopzk iwik bsch X kpytyDUVKE k bect Tontate o Cect Gliota Go to Google Transl
MINI Step 1 SHOP PLAY Seach Find Dealer Step a 2 Go to miniusa.com Type 'reverse' in the search box ADVENIURE CAPITALISTS. Can money buy happiness Wel
Ta Sandber Pneterences Watonlist Corerbutlions Anicle Tatk Read Ede Veww history Search WIKIPEDIA MsunEditor soon he enabled foe al logged-in users ta
VOLUME I VELME Spinal Taps amplifiers are one louder. 8 8 70 10 O So is their IMDB page. This Is Spinal Tap (1984) Top 5000 R 82 min Comedy Music 2 Ma
CRAGKED COM M 7 click the first non WIKIPEDIA italicized word The Free Fnevrlopedla Stopher CICk random Gym article From Wikipedia. the free encydoped
GRACKEDCON Google Atari Breakout Because you needec anothe er reason to not work.


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