22 Ridiculous Health Myths

Eating small meals doesn't do anything except keep you perpetually hangry.
22 Ridiculous Health Myths

Probably 95 percent of you reading this have made a resolution that has to do with being healthy in some regard. But a casual look around the Internet will likely leave you confused, angry, and in a sweaty, sobbing pile on the ground.

That's why we teamed up with health guru AuntieMeme to help shed some light on some of the more prevalent health and fitness lies that you run into doing some homework on the Internet.

You might think that in order to lose weight, YOU SHOULDN'T EAT AFTER DInner Because your body is too inactive to burn calories at that hour. But acco
People who want to counter the effects of sitting at a desk all day will SIT on A BALL INSTEAD OF A CHAIR. But studies show that exercise balls don't
Want to try the Paleo Diet? All you do is EAT WHAT A CAveMAn WOULD. Even if you strictly follow the meat requirements of the paleo diet, you're still
A lot of so-called experts tell you to NeVeR, ever SKIP BREAKFAST if you want to lose weight. Not only does eating breakfast not jump-start your meta
LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE Running BAREFOOT because it's the way the human body evolved. Know what else evolved? The ability to create shoes, to support fla
Kevin Trudeau became a billionaire selling a weight-loss cure that consisted of INJECTIONS OF uRIne from pregnant women. Not only does Trudeau have an
If you're like most people, you stop and STRETCH BEFORE YOU exeRcIse To improve your workout and prevent injury. Studies now show that static stretchi
You have probably heard that EAtIng FReQuENT, SmALL MeALS will boost your metabolism and help you get thin. It won't work, unless you're eating fewer
In an effort to lose weight, some people GeT A FEEDING TUBE inserTed which delivers nutrition through their noses, and down into their stomachs. It al
Heard of the Shangri-La Diet? All you do is DRINK OLIVE OIL BeTween MeALS. That's it. Eat all you want, jUst take 1-3 tablespoons of olive oil between
You might be tempted by a WEIGHT LOSS inFoMerCIAL where real women document their weight loss stories and appear on camera as they slim down. We learn
YOU CAN GET YOUR JAW WIRED SHUT as a way to lose weight. The wiring prevents you from opening your mouth more than a quarter of an inch, So you eat le
Time Magazine named FLAVOR SPRAYS one of the best inventions of the year, in 2005. The idea is, you squirt the flavor of parmesan, or teriyaki, or ras
Have you heard that if you DRINK LOTS OF ICE WATER you'll burn calories and lose weight? While it's technically true that your body will expend some e
Want to lose weight? Try putting these RinGs AROUND YOUR BIG TOES! They throw you off-balance, and when your body corrects itself, somehow you'll get
Want to lose weight? You should get A STAPLE in YOUR EAR! It'l control your appetite with acupuncture. Only not. Acupuncture needles aren't inserted f
YoU MIGHT DRINK DIET SODA, TO LOSE WeIGHT. Sure, it's not as sweet, but it's calorie-free! Nope. E Artificial sweeteners just make you crave sugar. Th
CHECK OUT. THE DIET PLATE! It comes printed with portion sizes, and has encouraging slogans running around its border. fot can low CE15Tb8m Sauts aoau
Desperate to lose weight? You can GET A BRAIn ImPLAnt to silence your hunger pangs. You'll be awake during the surgery, which involves doctors drillin
Did you overeat? No problem. You can pump FOOD OUT OF YOUR STOMACH With a handy aspiration therapy system! After eating a meal, you just attach a pump
Many dieters are trying to lose weight by EATING JARS OF BABY FOOD instead of grown-up meals. The problem is, baby food lacks fiber, fat, and protein,
People hoping to shed a few pounds often EAT LOW-FAT versions OF FOODS. But research suggests that people tend to eat upwards of 30 percent more when

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