24 Famous (And Fake) Photos

24 Famous (And Fake) Photos

Remember that the iconic MGM opener of a lion howling was a picture of a lion getting examined at the vet's office? Fortunately, the lion recovered completely and is currently in perfect condition. Moreover, there have been seven lions used to produce the MGM entrance, with the present one, Leo, appearing in almost all of the films since 1957. Frankly, it doesn’t seem like a bad gig.

While in some sense photo manipulation is a very new concept, it touches on an ancient impulse. It turns out that humans have been deceiving the world for ages by altering photographs creatively. We challenged you to show us your finest examples.

The expression 'fake news' has rapidly gained popularity, yet all of our vigilant eyes can be readily tricked with today's modern photo manipulation techniques. How many more of these photographs do you believe are 100 percent true, from the famous rice surge to the renowned picture of the first smack in history? 

Ready yourself for some eye-opening photos that will prove that you simply cannot trust whatever you see on the internet. This collection created by Cracked will reveal to you the fact, but sometimes the harsh reality, underlying Internet-famous photographs.

In 2000, this photo of a monster cat named snowball went viral across the internet and news. A year later, the owner admitted that it was edited on hi
Money-Saving Store Coupons inside! TV Oprah! The GUIDE Richest This is what you get when A 26 Sest Woman 754 you put Oprah Winfrey's face... on TV? Ho
This Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of the Kent State Shootings... ...actually looked like this. An editor airbrushed out the post behind Mary Vecchio's
CRACKEDG COM This famous photo is a composition offour different images. One half of the iceberg was taken in Alaska and the other in Antarctica (neit
becea JI. . BPeHeBa C B. bpaHAtom ITA TTAOC Crrare SOanom. e eceaw xOT  This 1971 news paper cover depicts Chancellor Willy Brandt of Germany and Leon
LA Times Photographer Brian Walski combined two photographs together to create g more dramatic image. He didn't tell anyone, however, and the picture
In 1933, this photo appeared in a number of British and American newspapers. One caption read: This is a picture of a man who controls the destiny of
Fonda Speaks To Vietnam Veterans At Anti-War Rally Photo: Owen Franken 1972 in Florida Photo: Ken Light 1971 Actress And Ant-War Activist Jane Fonda S
24 Famous (And Fake) Photos
This is Patriarch Kirill I, the leader of the Russian Orthodox church... ...and this is his $30,000 wateh... ...before it was edited out... ...kind of
This award winning photograph by Liu Weigiang, was revealed to be two seperate images. one of the antelopes and one of the train. CRACKED COM
For the entire summer of 1993, the University of Wisconsin searched for a photograph to display their diverse enrollment. WISCONSIN 2001 2002 Unde A
UBCA THe /eamle the EN Gmatitation In 2002 this photograph of President Bush holding a book upside down went viral. auy BICA THe BmMie the ES Consritu
Canadian Prime Minister William King did not take kindly to looking like 3rd wheel. So he did as any 3rd wheel would... ...and had King George VI remo
e Yorl EXS SPORTS FINAL Mewsday 1. ENOE Fire on Ice Why are two enemies skating together? They aren't, it's fake a image. Tonya, Nancy DEN To Meet AN
This Reuters photograph of Beirut after an Air Force attack. was distorted to add more smoke and damage.
In this 1944 photograph of Benito Mussolini... ...the horse handler was removed to make it look more heroic. CRACKEDCONT
Raising a flag over the Reichstag was altered by its own author, Yevgeny Khaldei, to avoid accusations of looting. Two One Watch Watches? CRACKED.COM
Jack Cashill, author of the book Deconstructing Obama claimed to have discovered a photoshopped photo of President Obama and his grandparents sitting
CRACKED This is a picture of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his cabinet, as it appeared in the Yated Neeman newspaper. Here's the orig
ROLLING STONES RARITIES 1971-2003 Taking a page out of Stalin's playbook, The cover of the Rolling Stones album Rarities 1971-2003 has Bill Wyman remo
These are the Cottingley Fairies. These photographs showed no signs of being faked according to the Kodak company and Sir Artur Conan Doyle. The ima
21992 PESIOENT FLE This picture of President U.S. Grant is pretty ambitious for someone who's never heard of Photoshop. It's made up of three differen

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