18 Of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Believe Hateful Things

Sometimes even the most seemingly affable individuals reveal themselves to be kinda dickheads.
18 Of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Believe Hateful Things

Recently, everyone's favorite holy man the Dalai Lama said some, well, not so progressive things about a female successor in his position (don't worry, if you missed it, it makes an appearance on this list). Perhaps unsurprisingly, he's not the only seemingly affable famous person to reveal themselves to be kind of a louse.

To help you pinpoint the people you should be looking down your nose at, we asked our readers to dig up some not-so-OK things said by some pretty OK people. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

In 1983, just as the AIDS epidemic was decimating the gay community, comedy legend Eddie Murphy had some fun things to say about gay people in a landm
In an interview with Playboy Magazine, John Mayer was asked Do black women throw themselves at you? 'He replied: I don't think I open myself to it.
Whoopi Goldberg believes that if you're drunk it's your fault if you get violated. My opinion is, if you don't want this kind of attention, don't get
Today in a more troubled world, I think females should take more important roles, and then 0 told that reporter, if a female Dalai Lama comes, their
L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, wrote in an editorial following the massacre at Wounded Knee and the death of Sitting Bull, With his fall
In Charles a 1971 letter, Bukowski wrote: Don't wait for a good woman. She doesn't exist. There are women who can make you feel more with their bodie
In a 1915 letter to The New Republic magazine, noted eugenics supporter Helen Keller proposed that the cases of children born with disabilities should
CRACKEDCON Robert Downey Jr. Funny, handsome, charismatic and goddamn Iron-Man. We all love him. That is why it is SO weird to hear his awkward comeba
Rihanna bashes teenage fan's Rihanna- Inspired Prom Dress on her Twitter Rihanna Segis Rihanna Seguir lshanina She gets it Real Life IG MaDsdmQl 11.87
Joan Rivers gave a shockingstatement about the almost 000 Palestinians that were killed in the Gaza conflict. Good. When you declare war, you declare
Many kids grew up learning life lesson's from the books of Roald Dahl, likely, none quite like this: There is a trait in the Jewish character that do
In a 2014 interview, when asked about whether Or not he is still in contact with his former band members, Gene Simmons replied with No, called them
Heal the world, make it a better place During a conversation with his business associates, Michael Jackson, frustrated with his financial stability
NFL legend Reggie White, addressing the Wisconsin legislature in 1998: I'm offended that homosexuals will say that homosexuals deserve rights. Any ma
ONLY HOURS AFTER THE TRAGIC 2011 TSUNAMI IN JAPAN, Rapper 50 Cent tweets the following: 50cent Folow C0ont Look this is very serious people I had to e
The Saxons... who with the English make the principal body of white people on the face of the earth. I could wish their numbers were increased. And wh
When interviewer asked him an to comment on director Roman Polanski's underage rape case, Gore Vidal said this: I really don't give fuck. a Look, I g

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