18 Subtle Tricks The Media Uses To Control Your Brain

Do you think the media you follow or the beliefs you hold are completely yours? Uninfluenced even? Well, spoiler alert, you're wrong.
18 Subtle Tricks The Media Uses To Control Your Brain

Do you think the media you follow or the beliefs you hold are completely yours? Uninfluenced even? Well, spoiler alert, you're wrong. The media you follow didn't get your loyalty by taking a chance on something like your brain. No, they manipulated the shit out of that gray matter, yo. By using little tricks here and there, they've influenced you into thinking how they want you to -- and thus keeping you coming back for more.

Well, because we love sticking it to The Man (the media in this case), we're here to help break the Jedi Mind Tricks that have been used to tell you how to think. We asked our readers to show us the worst ways the media influences your thoughts, and gave money to the best submissions ...

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