We live in a society where the dumbest notions are prevalent and actual facts seem to have a harder time getting ingrained in people's grey matter. And nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to anything involving our genitals. Which isn't only sad, but could also be, you know, dangerous.

So as a part of our court-mandated community service, we teamed up with our readers to bring you a PSA about sex and why everything you likely believe about it is completely untrue. We gave money for the best entries, and the winner is below ...

Entry by JennyDeVic

Myth: Sex before the game will affect your performance. Some take this very seriously. During the 2014 World Cup, five teams implemented pre-game sex

Entry by Comunacho

Myth: an HIV diagnosis is a death sentence. Reality: A 20-year-old person living with HIV in North America has a life expectancy of another 51.4 years

Entry by Scott Laffey

Your wedding day will culminate in EARTH MOVIING SEX Not always. Not even often. Recent surveys have suggested that as many as 67% of newlyweds skip w

Entry by JasonZolina

CRACKED.COM asee 'Being Sperm have just a few upside- minutes to swim into down your cervical post- mucus, where they coitus hang out helps the and

Entry by Jose Canyusi

CRACKEDC COM WHEN SHE SQUIRTS ..IT'S PEE. A 2014 French study investigated seven women who experienced female ejaculation. In every case, during sex

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