23 Simple Questions That Ruin Classic Movies

Questions are important. Without them, we'd never learn or solve problems or come up with revolutionary solutions. Oh, and we'd never ruin perfectly great movies, either.
23 Simple Questions That Ruin Classic Movies

Questions are important. Without them, we'd never learn or solve problems or come up with revolutionary solutions. Oh, and we'd never ruin perfectly great movies, either.

Because sometimes all it takes to render a classic film stupid is asking one little question about it. To help illustrate this, we teamed up with our homie AuntieMeme to do just that to some of our favorite movies.

Because if we must suffer, so should you.

IN THE HARRY POTTER UNIVERSE, Was Jesus a wizard? In the Harry Potter movies, we learn that wizards can perform miracles, predict the future, and occa
Shouldn't we go find Zoltar? ZouriG SeeNs iet Q3 Q3n In the movie NtO NoLasvaa NOLIOB BEER Big, Zoltar is an all-powerful wish-granting machine. It's
Are droids slaves? In the Star Wars universe, droids have repeatedly demonstrated that they have emotions and are capable of independent thought, yet
Are Decepticons Terminators? Unlike the other robots in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the character Alice looks (and presumably tastes) human.
If you Ived in a Disney movie, coulds you eat? The meat talks. The fish sing. The plants dance. And the dishes are people. CRACKED COM
What happens to toys that are thrown away? They wind up in landfills, right? In Toy Story, we learn that toys are sentient and effectively immortal. E
What happens if somebody paints a picture of Voldemort? In the Harry Potter universe, paintings are alive. They have conversations, they act as messen
Are toons gods? MO PUs In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, we learn that toons are essentially immortal. The one person who figures out a way to kill them is,
WHAT IF YOUR TIME MACHINE ZAPPED YOU INTO A SPOT THAT'S NOW A BUILDING? Wouldn't you be trapped? Or Die? seLorca In the Back to the Future series, Doc
Why aren't people using Brundle's teleporter? In The Fly, Seth Brundle invents a fully-functioning teleporter. In the sequel, we learn that his pods a
Why aren't people more concerned about ene-altering spiders? In Spider-Man, scientists have accidentally created something that can completely and irr
Why do they stIl use starships, in Star Trek? In the 2009 film, Scotty beams Kirk onto the Enterprise while it's traveling at warp speed - -beaming hi
Is Verbal Kint trying to get Caught? In The Usual Suspects, he makes up the details of his story based on the items in the room around him, rather tha
How does ?? Superman navigate? PIFF! He flies above the clouds, and at super-speed. Does he have some sort of internal GPS to tell him where he's goin
Will the Miser brothers eventually kill each other? In The Year Without a Santa Claus, we learn that the weather is controlled by Heat Miser and Snow
If Neo and Trinity can create what they need out of thin air, Why just bring guns? To prepare for the iconic battle scene in The Matrix, Neo and Trini
How many babies has the Goblin King lured into the labyrinth? In Labyrinth, Sarah has to make her way through a maze of puzzles to rescue her baby bro
Can T-Rexes tiptoe? In Jurassic Park, the tyrannosaurus rexes create little earthquakes when they walk. Yet one of them manages to suddenly appear in
Is Dr. Loomis guilty of malpractice? Dr. Loomis is Michael Myers' psychiatrist, in Halloween. Myers was just 14 years old when Loomis decided that he
Are asteroids sentient? The chunks that fall to Earth in Armageddone all strike famous cities and national landmarks. Pretty vindictive, for a rock. C
Did James Bond nuke the Caribbean? atax HA Kin In Dr, No, James Bond defeats the titular villain by forcing his island lair's atomic reactor into a ca
6UU6 How does iffe Professor X Dutch filter out random Who knd thoughts? Try to parse all the random things flying around in your mind at any given ti
Why haven't there been any technological advances in Middle Earth? Nearly ,000 years pass from the clash between Isildur and Sauron to Bilbo's finding

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