A lot of us crazy kids like to look at what we consider pop culture staples through rose-tinted glasses. But it turns out we have a short memory for the things we love -- if we recalled back to when they debuted, we might see them a bit differently. Because, surprisingly, a lot of things we think of as well received today, were pretty hated in their time.

To help illustrate this, our readers dug through the annals of time on some of the most iconic staples of pop culture today to see what we really though about them back in the day. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Nordy

Twister was seen THE GAME THAT TIES YOU UP IN KNOTS as too sexual when created, fvister OA it was first with Sears saying it wasn't appropriate for th

Entry by Jordan Rudow

OAVINUN iuHU Old-fashioned melodramatics. I think the film is a reflection of a most unpleasantmind, a mean, sly, sadistic little mind. More mise

Entry by Vincent Pall

THING THE John Carpenter's 1982 film is today widely considered to be one of the greatest sci-fi/horror films of all time. Its atmosphere, filled with

Entry by mkad

Until the Victorian era Christmas trees were viewed as pagan symbols and thus offensive to most Amenicans and much of the English speaking woRId. In M

Entry by JPK

21 Pop Culture Icons That Were Hated At First

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