20 Celebs That Need A Reality Check


Chris Brown was the target of a recent incident, during which criminals kidnapped his auntie with a gun as well as made off with $50,000. It's an awful situation, but considering how often he brags and flaunts on social networks, it's not that surprising. Chris Brown needs to get real if he believes flaunting his fancy clothing, vehicles, shoes, gold, and other valuables to the world isn't a recipe for disaster.

Famous people are said to live in bubbles, a different world than the rest of us. However, it turns out that some superstars are so disconnected from reality that they appear to be from another planet.

If you think we're overly sensitive about how the wealthy and famous people live, just take a look at some of the stories our readers discovered about celebrities who got a reality check way too late in the game.

Judging from our most comprehensive Forbes/E-Score list, Tom Hanks is by far the most trusted star in Hollywood.

Entry by clg123

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