22 Facts About Oscar Movies Too Interesting for the Show

It's time to take the gold-tinted glasses off and look past the accolades.
22 Facts About Oscar Movies Too Interesting for the Show

We like to view some Hollywood classcss through gold-tinted glasses, not truly believing there's anything really wrong with them. But as it turns out, once you remove those glasses, look past all the awards and accolades, and peer behind the scenes, there's just piles of poop everywhere. Even the walls.

Yes, even award-winning performances come at a heavy price -- sometimes the heaviest. With the help of AuntieMeme, the real streaker at 46th Academy Awards, we'd like to show you those piles of feces. And, you know, the walls too.

The animators who worked on Life of Pi went bankrupt. The film was released in 2012 and turned out to be critically and commercially successful. Even
Behind the scenes of The Godfather, the actors liked to moon each other. It started with James Caan and Robert Duvall dropping their pants and mooning
No science fiction film has ever won an Oscar for Best Picture. Ever. WOODY ALLEN DIANE KEATON TONY ROBERTS CAROL KANE PAUL SMOD CHE WAl DEV ANNIE HA
The ending of Titanic, the film that netted 11 Oscars in 1998, almost sucked. In the theatrical release, Rose quietly tosses her pendant into the ocea
The genius behind The Deer Hunter bankrupted United Artists. The Deer Hunter won 5 Oscars in 1978. Michael Cimino, who directed, produced, and co-wrot
The friendly aliens in special effects winner The Abyss were originally planning to wipe out the human race. In a scrapped scene, the aliens show Bud
The Oscars have less tO do with talent, and more TO do with who is due. Skipping over Al Pacino in 1974 for The Godfather Part IL meant the Academy ha
Clint Eastwood got revenge on his ex by killing her career. Oscar-nominated Sandra Locke wound up suing Oscar winner Clint Eastwood in 1996 for sabota
Last year, TWO thirds of Americans reported seeing none of the movies nominated for Best Picture. According to a 2014 Reuters poll, 67 percent of resp
Inglourious Basterds, which won Best Supporting Actor, nearly killed off two actors in its fire scene. That was an actual fire, and within 30 seconds
The next dramatic role for Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. is OJ. Simpson. Gooding, who won best supporting actor for Jerry Maguire, is set to play O.J
The Oscar-winning. Jaws theme is recycled Dvorak. viol. 5 anaccu Allegro mnotte. 11 7 28 John Williams took home the Best Original Score Oscar for the
Thalberg Award winner Alfred Hitchcock used to torture his leading ladies on- -and camera. For example, during the filming of The Birds Hitchcock spen
As far as the Academy is concerned, Best Picture pretty much means Best Director. 86 films have been awarded Best Picture and of those, 62 have won Be
Only three comedies have won the Oscar for Best Picture in the last 40 years. And less than 10% of best picture nominees are comedies. This wasn't alw
Casablanca director Michael Curtiz caused the deaths of three extras. It was during the 1928 filming of Noah's Ark. Curtiz dumped SO much water on his
Jacques Cousteau's Oscar-winning ocean documentary blasted the hell out of sea life. In The Silent World, Cousteau and his crew dynamite coral reefs,
22 Facts About Oscar Movies Too Interesting for the Show
George Clooney received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and a spinal cord injury for his role in Syriana. The injury, which he sustained during the film
Joan Crawford stole Bette Davis' Oscar for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? The pair feuded constantly during the making of the film, and when Davis w
The actors in Apollo 13 had to ride the Vomit Comet to film the zero-g scenes. The Vomit Comet is NASA'S hollowed-out 747 that drops into a steep dive
Double Oscar winner Apocalypse Now nearly killed Martin Sheen. Sheen suffered a heart attack in the jungle, but rather than risk losing his star to an


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