22 Facts About Oscar Movies Too Interesting for the Show


We like to view some Hollywood classcss through gold-tinted glasses, not truly believing there's anything really wrong with them. But as it turns out, once you remove those glasses, look past all the awards and accolades, and peer behind the scenes, there's just piles of poop everywhere. Even the walls.

Yes, even award-winning performances come at a heavy price -- sometimes the heaviest. With the help of AuntieMeme, the real streaker at 46th Academy Awards, we'd like to show you those piles of feces. And, you know, the walls too.

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The Oscars have less tO do with talent, and more TO do with who is due. Skipping over Al Pacino in 1974 for The Godfather Part IL meant the Academy ha

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Thalberg Award winner Alfred Hitchcock used to torture his leading ladies on- -and camera. For example, during the filming of The Birds Hitchcock spen

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Casablanca director Michael Curtiz caused the deaths of three extras. It was during the 1928 filming of Noah's Ark. Curtiz dumped SO much water on his

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George Clooney received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and a spinal cord injury for his role in Syriana. The injury, which he sustained during the film

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Double Oscar winner Apocalypse Now nearly killed Martin Sheen. Sheen suffered a heart attack in the jungle, but rather than risk losing his star to an


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