25 Dick Moves Movie Heroes Get Away With


Fictional villains do a good job at being jerks or evil or whatever. So good that, more often than not, we overlook the terrible shit the heroes are doing. And we aren't talking petty stuff here -- we're talking borderline (or past) psychotic behavior.

With the help of psychotic supervillain AuntieMeme, we bring you a group of alleged heroes who are anything but.

Entry by AM Smiley

THE HERO Hiccup, the bero of Houo to Train YOur Dragon, is aLL about not killing OrRagons. THE DICK MOVE The cLimax of the mowie involves him killing

Entry by AM Smiley

THE HERO MIORPHEUS. THE DICK MOVE Morhpeus claims to be all about ending slavery, yet he has an army of child soldiers. He tells Neo that he deliberat

Entry by AM Smiley

THE HEROES The Drs. Henry Jones and Henry Indiana Jones Jr.. on a crusade to find The Holy Grail. THE DICK MOVE Remember this guy, who thought India

Entry by AM Smiley

THE HERO Sam, the heroic Ghost who hangs around to solve his own murder and ghost-French his girlfriend before going into the light. THE DICK MOVE Sam

Entry by AM Smiley

THE HERO The Caits Oe dwat THE DICK MOVE The cars are mean to the lemons, the villains of the movie, who have become cruel because the other cars co

Entry by AM Smiley

THE HEROES The Inglourious Basterds almost ruined a perfect plot to assassinate the Nazi leadership. THE DICK MOVE The theater was already a trap that

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