TV has come a long way since its conception in the mid-20th century. Not only have we migrated from big ol' wooden boxes to wall-mounted flat screens, our concept of shows has shifted, too. In the (relatively) short history of TV shows, one thing has been true: the rules of television are always changing. One minute, married couples can't share a bed, then a mere decade later, divorce and abortion are on the menu. And that's fine! Culture and society evolve, and pop culture should evolve with it. Every new generation has different tastes, and that's healthy. So, sure, it's hard to predict how a story will age. 

But there are some topics and tropes that should maybe not make it out of the writers room. Or even into the writers room, depending on the show. Like, things that just…really shouldn't be touched. A few examples come to mind: children drinking, statues shooting firearms, and anyone in blackface.

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16 TV Show Episodes That Had To Be Nuked From Orbit

16 TV Show Episodes That Had To Be Nuked From Orbit


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