13 Movie Scenes That Were Supposed To Be Way Different

Rolling with whatever happens is an underrated filmmaking skill. apparently.
13 Movie Scenes That Were Supposed To Be Way Different

A lot of work goes into the making of a movie scene. A writer has to visualize it and form the words to put the action and dialogue into the script. The actor, in turn, has to put their thoughts and inflection into the performance for the scene's purpose to be properly executed. The director needs to visualize the entire thing, from nuts to bolts, and then put that vision into practice for the service of the story. The editor then takes it all and makes sure the scene is execute neatly and smoothly.

Or it's just thrown out and changed on the day of the shoot.

Sometimes what the movie script says and what ends up on screen might have barely a passing resemblance to each other, apparently. In other words, improvisation is probably more important than careful planning for making films. At least that’s the impression you’ll probably come away with after reading these stories, starting with...

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