16 Celeb Head-Scratching Decisions

16 Celeb Head-Scratching Decisions

It's hard to be good at one thing in life. It's rare that a person can work hard, hone their craft for hours and hours, years and years to cultivate a budding career after a big break to convert that into superstardom. Whether it appears to be an overnight success or finally getting kudos after years of toiling, a road to celebrity in your chosen art form requires a lot of sacrifice. Imagine trying to do that yet again.

Many celebrities due to desperation, boredom, or just plain hubris try to replicate their success in another medium. Sports stars turn to acting. Some musicians open up restaurants. Countless, countless, countless actors release a music album. Many times these attempts are questionable at best and dumb at worst. After all, being good at swimming doesn't really translate into conveying a character onscreen.

Here are just a few of the most bizarre attempts that celebrities made to add to their fame, their bank account, or their self worth.

Robert Downey Jr. 1E 0 CRACKEDC After getting booted from Ally McBeal for repeated run-ins with the law, he was really reaching for his Next Big Thing

Bruce Willis B RUCE WILLLS BRUCE DONT KHE YOU I JUST MreS TO STROKGER WILLIS Te Rentnv BRUND CRACKEDCON You just can't keep this guy from making R&B.

Kim Kardashian kimkardashian JAM CRACKED COM Kim K was surprisingly aware about her embarrassing 2011 single Jam (Turn It Up): What gave me the right

Michael Phelps CRACKED COM Of all the places a guy could land after falling from grace, Shark Week is a pretty sweet spot. But the segment he did, cal

Morton Downey, Jr. CRACKED COM Downey (no relation to Robert) was an early pioneer of the whole loud a **hole talk show host thing. He was just the

Babe Ruth ED'S After sh*ing the bed in the 1926 World Series, he went on a hree-month tour on the Vaudeville circuit. Not only did he suck at performi

Sisao CRACKEDCO He topped his sad stint on Sabrina The Teenage Witch with something even sadder: a remake of The Thong Song at 40 with some Norwegia

Farrah Abraham FARRAH ABRAHAM CELEBRITYSEXTAPEY IN THE MAKING CRACKEDO When the 16 and Pregnant gravy train ran dry, she predictably dabbled in writi

Britney Spears BRITNEY SPEARS Ordssronds CRACKEDCON Britney made a valiant, but ultimately ill-fated foray into acting. Crossroads did gross $60 milli

David Hasselhoff CRACKEDCON After Baywatch, he struggled to reach the same level of success in the soap opera scene. He struggled even harder when he

Blake Lively CO CRACKED COM Lively tried to start up a Goop-esque wellness brand, Preserve, in 2014. She called it quits a year later, without even

Steven Spielberg Dien CRACKED.cO COM Spielberg tried to break into the restaurant industry in the 90s when he started a very clever chain called Dive!

Lance Bass COI CRACKEDcO He famously trained to become a cosmonaut, and was slated to go to space with the Russian Space Agency. But he had to cancel

Clay Aiken clay aiken measure of a man Aiken decided to pivot to politics a decade after the peak of his music career. He ran for Congress as a Democr

Hulk Hogan Pera! HULK HOGAN'S CRACKEDCON Hulk opened a restaurant in the Mall of America called Pastamania. It served Hulk-shaped Hulk-a-Roc pasta

Garth Brooks CHRIS GAIN E S A rare example of an actively beloved musician ruining his music career with more music, Brooks inexplicably released an a
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