Whether you think it is a Christmas movie or not, the majority agrees that Die Hard is considered one of the best action films of all time. John McClane's barefoot battle against the terrorists that have overtaken Nakatomi Plaza has been a cinematic staple for movie nights across the country for generations. You'd figure that every Die Hard story was told, and we're not talking about the sequels.

Fans of Die Hard are… well, die hard, so one would think that every bit of trivia about the movie has already been learned. But we have a machine gun's worth of little-known Die Hard trivia (ho, ho, ho…) that even the most ardent fan may not know. Hell, they might not even know that the movie wouldn't have been made if a cardboard fridge box didn't fall onto a busy highway.

Get more details about that Die Hard behind-the-scenes story and more below:

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