19 All-Time Instances Of Rotten Behavior


Look, we aren't saying that going around being an asshole until you're famous for it is a great way to live your life -- but it could make for a pretty badass story.

We asked our readers to show us the biggest acts of dicketry in history, and we gave $200 for the best story ...

Entry by mkad

When they were casting the Andy Kaufman biopic. Man on the Moon. the director, ilos Forman, told all of the A-list stars who were interested that they

Entry by Niema

During the filming of James Cameron's Titanic, around 80 crew members became ill after eating PCP-laced seafood chowder. Two chefs Cameron had recentl

Entry by mkad

Denise Lyman leased a Manhattan apartment in 2001 to Danielle Kousoulis, who became a victim of 9/11. Losing her OVERDUE tenant, Ms. Kousoulis moved i

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