How many times have you seen A Christmas Story? It’s such an ingrained holiday tradition, you’d think the Magi brought a VHS copy to Jesus in the manger, along with a reel of It’s a Wonderful Life and a bunch of caroling children. Not so -- A Christmas Story doesn’t just go completely unmentioned in the Bible, but no one even paid a lot of attention to it for years after its release (just like Jesus). And yet, it eventually came to be the definitive Christmas movie -- the work of wisdom that taught us that dangerous toys and dysfunctional families are the true reason for the season.

Peter Billingsley was the first to audition for Ralphie. Director Bob Clark thought it'd be too obvious to give the part to him, as he was a well kn
Source: Vanity Fair

The child actor did say... well, that word. Oh, they had me say 'f*ck,' peter Billingsley has revealed. On all the takes. The family-friendly fudg
Source: BuzzFeed

The narrator is the real-life Ralphie. A Christmas Story is based on comedian Jean Shepherd's fictionalized accounts of his childhood. Shepherd worked
Source: Pop Culture

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