17 Ex-Cast Members Who Hate 'Saturday Night Live'

If you think you don't like SNL now, try working there.
17 Ex-Cast Members Who Hate 'Saturday Night Live'

For a humble sketch comedy show with one of the worst time slots in all of history, Saturday Night Live (or SNL for those of us in the know) sure has generated its share of controversy. We’ve written about the numerous failed SNL movie proposals, unbelievable cast member feuds and incredible controversial sketches we forgot about.

But wait, there’s more! How is there always more?? It turns out that though getting on Saturday Night Live might be an incredibly achievement for any sketch comedian or writer, it might not be the best place to work. The best day of a comedian’s life is when they land a gig on Saturday Night Live. The next best day, apparently, is when they leave. The fact is, Saturday Night Live alumni who aren’t the biggest fans are in some pretty solid company, including Pete Davidson, Tracey Morgan and Larry David.

Keep reading to dig up some of that sweet, succulent dirt…

17 Ex-Cast Members Who Hate 'Saturday Night Live'
Source: IGN


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