15 Oddly Specific Celeb Demands

You expect me to believe that Clint Eastwood was unreasonable?
15 Oddly Specific  Celeb Demands

It's something of a cliche at this point to wonder what celebs have in their tour riders. Sure, we've all heard a “pop star wants the blue M&Ms taken out” or “rock stars wants the snow mixed directly with the Jack Daniel's” joke before. Here the thing though: there's a little kernel of truth behind every cliche. And honestly? Performing is hard work. You can't just waltz out of your trailer and become Blade without a little mental prep. Whatever a performer's process is, whatever helps them get the job done, well, that's just the (weirdly specific) price of admission, baby!

If you could have a lawyer whip up a contract for your nine-to-five office job, what would be a non-negotiable? Are you going the Weird Al route, and demanding the company shell out for hideous clothes? Are you pulling a Dolph Lundgren, and insisting that you get three chances to screw up every day before they replace you? Or are you going with a classic Eastwood, and declaring yourself your own boss?

William Frawley I LOVE LUCY CRACKED COM The actor who played Fred was reportedly a tough guy to work with. His weirdest hangup was probably the Yankee
lggy Pop GGYRnD CRACKED COM Longtime road manager Jos Grain prides himself on his bizarre rider demands, including: Seven dwarves, dressed up as thos
Selena Gomez ROF SEB CRACKEDCON She reportedly forbade anyone on set at an Adidas commercial say the name Justin, shortly after her breakup with Jus
Bill Murray KINGPIN When Chris Elliott accepted the role of Ernie McCracken, he knew that Murray had dibs on it, if he decided to show up to set. Murr
Queen Latifah She decided she was finished dying after her death in Set It Off. All of her contracts since 1996 stipulate that her character can't die
Lindsay Lohan She agreed to appear on a Russian talk show after breaking up with real estate mogul Egor Tarabasov -- if she was provided a private jet
Prince The Artist preferred everything in his dressing room be wrapped in cling wrap, sO he could unwrap it himself. Bubble wrap sounds like it'd be m
Dolph Lundgren MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Anxious about his thick accent, his contract required that he get three chances to deliver his lines before the
Uma Thurman CRACKED CO COM She pulled the movie star equivalent of calling dibs on top bunk: a contract clause that said no other cast member may rec
Weird Al Yankovic GRACKED O1 For a long time, Weird Al requested a fresh Hawaiian shirt from every venue he performed at. He took out that clause afte
The Beatles CRACKED COM When they played in Portland in 1965, their contract stipulated that Artists will not be required to perform in front of a se
Roger Moore LIVE AND LET DIE CRACKED COM In an extremely Bond-ian move, Moore haggled to get unlimited Montecristo cigars.
Mary J. Blige She requires every venue she performs at to install a factory-fresh toilet seat.
Cher CRACKED.COM She requires an entire separate room to keep her human hair wigs in.
Samuel L. Jackson His movie contracts give him the right ditch work and go golfing twice a week.
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