Tell Us Now: What's Your Dream Casting?

Tell Us Now: What's Your Dream Casting?
We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, "What actor would you like to see cast in a pop culture franchise, and why?" We were rather surprised by how big of DC and Marvel fans y'all are. There were lots of opinions on who should play Batman, and, unsurprisingly, Robert Pattinson didn't seem to top any of your lists.

TELL US NOW. MILLIE BOBBY BROWN AS YOUNG LOIS LANE Rob L. says, Her recent Enola Holmes performance cemented that she could play a less jaded version
Rob L.

TELL US NOW. JOHN MALKOVICH AS MODOK Jordan B. explains, He understands how to be both sinister and hammy, which this character is the perfect mix of
Jordan B.

TELL US NOW. MICHELLE FAIRLEY AS DEIRDRE SKYE Sebastian C. thinks there'd be lots of fun casting opportunities in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
Sebastian C.

TELL US NOW. PATRICK WILSON AS MISTER FANTASTIC T.J.R. sells the casting, He's got the looks, can play smart, can play smug if need be, and the man a

TELL US NOW. THE ROCK AS SHAO KAHN BECA Tulio R. says Dwayne Johnson has enough charisma to convince the Outworld his dictatorship is needed to bring
Tulio R.

TELL US NOW. STANLEY TUCCI AS SPIDER JERUSALEM For a Transmetropolitanadapation, Scott C. suggests, can pull off the manic, aggressive personality and
Scott C.

TELL US NOW. JESSICA CHASTAIN AS KARLA SOFEN She'd be amazing playing someone who can go from a cold, calculating manipulator.. and then go fully unh
Edgar D.

TELL US NOW. MAISIE WILLIAMS AS SQUIRREL GIRL We would love to see Chris D.'s suggested casting come to life. CRACKED.COM
Chris D.

TELL US NOW. DANNY DEVITO AS MR. SPACELY Jacob R.'s casting for a live-action The Jetsons movie makes perfect sense.
Jacob R.

TELL US NOW. JARED KEESO AS WOLVERINE Anthony D. demands this casting in whatever Disney reboot of X-Men is coming. CRACKED.COM
Anthony D.

TELL US NOW. JASON MOMOA AS LOBO Chris J. says, He could easily pull off Lobo's blend of chaos and mirth. CRACKED.COM
Chris J.

TELL US NOW. OSCAR ISSAC AS SCARFACE Benjamin L. suggested this casting, with a preface that a Scarface remake is unncessary.
Benjamin L.

TELL US NOW. JOHN C. REILLY AS COWARDLY LION Robert E. says Reilly was born to play the Wizard of Oz role.
Robert E.

TELL US NOW. SAMUEL L. JACKSON AS LEX LUTHOR Al RE Wolf M. demands to know why this casting hasn't already happened.
Wolf M.

TELL US NOW. PATTON OSWALT AS KIRBY James D. says, His low key humor would be perfect for the role.
James D.

TELL US NOW. PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN AS PENGUIN Bryan A. would have done anything to see this casting during Nolan's Batman.
Bryan A.

TELL US NOW. JON HAMM AS BATMAN Adam N. wants to see Hamm as a grizzled, slightly older Batman and Christopher Plummer as his Alfred. CRACKED.COM
Adam N.
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