16 Movies With Nutso Behind-The-Scenes Coincidences

Isn't it ironic?
16 Movies With Nutso Behind-The-Scenes Coincidences

Have you ever noticed how, no matter how implausible, you accept everything you get from a dream? Surprisingly, the same phenomenon often holds for movies.

We know this isn’t the first time you’ve encountered this observation, but we have to remind you that all these mysteries, as well as truths, are fascinating and shocking. These wild coincidences really do take place behind the scenes of your famous movie and shows. Continue reading and see whether you believe, but chances are you will.

Call them what you want: curses, coincidences, and acts of God... whatever you want to call them, there's some strange stuff going on behind the scenes of these films. Some filmmakers have tapped into something much deeper than they intended, from lightning strikes to ironic injuries to predicting the dang future.

Even if it's just a coincidence, you have to admit that these are some strange coincidences--so scroll on down to get your socks knocked clean off!

Robert Downey, Jr. got an Oscar nom for lampooning Oscar bait. TROPIC THUNDER CRACKED.COM The whole point of his Kirk Lazarus character was to point o
Two super pals ended up becoming the same hero at the same time. KICK-ASS AGE OF ULTRON/ DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters, who
Ronald Reagan saved his own ass. CODE OF THE SECRET SERVICE CRACKED.COM Reagan called the film the worst picture I ever made, but it was what inspir
The Wizard wore the original author's jacket. THE WIZARD OF OZ The wardrobe department scavenged an old jacket from a nearby thrift shop. When actor F
Bruce Lee's final film foretold his son's death. GAME OF DEATH/ THE CROW CRACKED CO In Lee's final film, he played an actor who is accidentally killed
Courtney Love almost played Nancy Spungen, then became her. SID & NANCY Long before her infamous, volatile relationship with Kurt Cobain, Love was an
The cursed future Super Bowl. POLTERGEIST 1981 546 CRACKED.COM A poster on Robbie's wall says 1988 Superbowl xxi but the movie was filmed in 1982. S
God checked in on Mel Gibson's Jesus tribute. THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST CRACKED COM Actor Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in the film, was struck by li
The Godfather predicted DeNiro's Oscar wins. THE GODFATHER GARDENI This scene shows Marlon Brando next to a poster for boxer Jake LaMotta. DeNiro woul
Roman Polanski forecasted his wife's murder. ROSEMARY'S BABY CRACKED.COM The titular Rosemary is kidnapped, her baby taken by cultists. In real life,
Brad Pitt tore his achilles, as Achilles. TROY Pitt was performing a stunt, landed wrong, and tore his achilles tendon. Those bad boys don't heal quic
A movie about denying credit to performers... denies credit to its performer. SINGIN' IN THE RAIN What d Glorious Feeling CRACKEDCON The movie is abou
Anthony Hopkins stole the wrong (or right?) book. THE GIRL FROM PETROVKA CRACKED CON Hopkins was cast in the film adaptation of George Feifer's novel
Jackie Chan almost filmed at the Twin Towers on 9/11. NOSEBLEED CRACKED CON The movie was ultimately cancelled because Chan didn't like the script. Bu
Family members accidentally played the same role. THE WORLD'S END YORILDS END Two actors who were cast as slightly different owners of identical pubs
The curse of The Omen. THE OMEN An actor almost boarded a flight that crashed, a producer was nearly struck by lightning, trained dogs attacked their
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