15 Actors Who Harshed Their Own Movies

15 Actors Who Harshed Their Own Movies

Have you ever done a job that you just aren't proud of? We've all had our regrets, either as we are doing them for a paycheck or when looking back with cringe-filled lives. Seriously, collecting data for the for those companies that call random people about their car's warranty? Worst summer of my life.

It's the same with actors and some of the movies they starred in. It's refreshing to know that our favorite actors hate their biggest bombs as much as we do. But every actor handles their speedbumps differently. 

Alec Guinness wrote private letters about how bad Star Wars was going to suck. Sally Field spilled her guts to Howard Stern. And Halle Berry accepted her Razzie with grace and aplomb (she brought her agent up on stage for a public flogging). 

Here are a few more actors who wanted the world to know how much they hated their job:

Mark Wahlberg THE HAPPENING He told a press conference that Amy Adams had dodged a bullet by not appearing in a certain unnamed film. He finally spill

Katherine Heig! KNOCKED UP Heigl found herself thinking I'm playing such a btch; why is this how you're portraying women? She pointed out that the m

15 Actors Who Harshed Their Own Movies

Brad Pitt THE DEVIL'S OWN CRACKED.COM Pitt called it the most irresponsible bit of filmmaking, if you can even call it that, that I've ever seen aft

George Clooney BATMAN AND ROBIN Clooney admits that he was excited to take the role, but in hindsight has said Batman and Robin cost $160 million and

Professor Sprout HARRY POTTER CRACKEDCON Actress Miriam Margolyes revealed in a Cameo that she doesn't know or care the slightest bit about the franch

Charlize Theron REINDEER GAMES CRACKED CON Theron said that was a bad, bad, bad movie. She knew it could very well suck from the start, and only t

Robert Pattinson TWILIGHT CRACKEDCON Pattinson hated his character, and more generally, the source material. He called the novel a book that wasn't s

Jessica Alba FANTASTIC FOUR CRACKEDCON After playing Invisible Woman, she said F--- it. I don't care about this business anymore. To be fair, that's

Sir ALec Guinness STAR WARS CRACKED OOM Guinness was checked out of the film before he even began, calling it fairy-tale rubbish but could be interes

Sally Field THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN CRACKED.COM She said the film and its characters were too flimsy and vapid for her taste: YOu work it as much as y

Jamie Lee Curtis VIRUS She says the 1999 horror sci-fi Virus is the worst movie she's ever been in, and that it's so bad that it's shocking.

Shia LaBeouf TRANSFORMERS RLL OICH CRACKEDCON In one truly baffling sentence, LaBeouf called the franchise dated as f*kck before comparing it, unfav

Halle Berry CATWOMAN RAVZIE CRACKED CO COM Berry received a Razzie for her performance, and thanked Warner Bros for putting me in a piece of sh*t, go

opher Christo Plummer THE SOUND OF MUSIC Referring to it as The Sound of Mucus because it's sO sentimental and gooey, Plummer says playing Captain
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