15 Famous Actors' Relatives In Cameos

15 Famous Actors' Relatives In Cameos

Preferential treatment is rampant in Hollywood. Struggling actors get sidelined over some bigwig's relatives all the time. However, not all cases of nepotism in Hollywood are equally as bad.

Sometimes, this results in nothing more than a fun family cameo -- a small and unimportant role that you probably didn’t even know was played by a famous person’s relative. Cameos like:

IN MALEFICENT, YOUNG AURORA WAS PLAYED BY ANGELINA JOLIE'S DAUGHTER VIVIENNE. According to Jolie, the role UF EVIL went to her daughter because they n

DR. ARDEN FROM AMERICAN HORROR STORY WAS PLAYED BY TWO DIFFERENT CROMWELLS. 44 James Cromwell first portrayed the Character on AHS: Asylum, and when t

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