20 Famous Actors That Didn't Get The Part (For Dumb Reasons)

20 Famous Actors That Didn't Get The Part (For Dumb Reasons)

In Hollywood, the adage "at first, but if you don't achieve, try, try again" has never been more true. Almost every A-lister has been rejected at some point in their career. What sets them from excluding the rest of the field is their ability to keep returning for more. Sadly, that credo has produced some very embarrassing circumstances for those trying to break into the film industry, the kind of circumstances that have lingered long after the final credits had rolled.

With all the hoops performers must jump through to establish themselves, it's amazing how a director can casually reassign a character.

It's sometimes the actor's fault, such as when someone uses "method acting" as an excuse to be a jerk-ass all the time. An actor can also be fired for the crime of... not being Leah Remini?

Here are some of the more ridiculous reasons why an actor didn't get the part or had it taken away from them:

Andrew Garfield had jet lag. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 CRACKED COM Garfield skipped out of a press event in Brazil, where Sony was supposedIy going to

Will Smith and Tarantino disagreed about what the lead role was. DJANGO UNCHAINED ect CRACKED.cO Smith was nearly given the role of Django, but insi

Colin Firth was too beautiful for Paddington. PADDINGTON JAMOIS RARa AT2OM CRACKEDCOR Or... his voice was, anyway. The director called Firth's voice

Jessica Biel dyed her hair. 7TH HEAVEN MUR IN TH Did Rae really dd CRACKED COM Four seasons of playing good girl Mary Camden drove Biel to... lighten

Producers realized 13 was too young to let Natalie Portman kiss Leo DiCaprio. ROMEO +- JULIET WILLTA SHAEESOTART'S ROMEOTJULIET CRACKEDCO The most mes

Christian Bale was fired (and then un-fired). AMERICAN PSYCHO CRACKED COM Producers hired Bale for the role of Patrick Bateman, then kicked him to the

Peter Jackson decided Stuart Townsend was too young. THE LORD OF THE RINGS Townsend was robbed of playing Aragorn, months into training for the part

A Moulin ROugE injury came back to haunt Nicole Kidman. PANIC ROOM CRACKED CON Kidman was already weeks into playing Meg Altman when a Rouge-related i

Ryan Gosling packed on tOo much weight. THE LOVELY BONES CRACKED CON After being cast as Jack Salmon, Gosling thought Peter Jackson had asked him to t

Robin Williams was snubbed twice for Batman villain roles. BATMAN/ BATMAN FOREVER First, Williams was dangled as the Joker to make Jack Nicholson jeal
Source: Syfy

Terrence Howard's pay was slashed to an insulting degree. IRON MAN2 CRACKEDCO Since Iron Man had made Robert Downey Jr. famous, Marvel needed to dip i

Chloe Grace Moretz wasn't Miley cyrus. BOLT CRACKED CON After recording all of Penny's parts, Moretz was demoted to Young Penny because Disney decided

Sean Young broke her arm in pre -production. BATMAN W Remember the Vicki Vale horse riding scene in Batman? Yeah, that's because they wrote it out aft

Suzanne Somers had the audacity to ask for equal pay. THREE'S COMPANY CRACKEDCO Instead of paying her nearly as much as John Ritter, the show replaced

Julianne Moore demanded a fake nose. CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? Moore insisted that she needed a prosthetic nose and body suit to play disgraced author

Eddie Redmayne did an embarrassing Vader impression. THE FORCE AWAKENS CRACKED COM Redmayne peppered his Kylo Ren audition with some random Darth Vade

Erinn Hayes wasn't Leah Remini. KEVIN CAN WAIT CRACKED COM At the end of the first season, they killed off Hayes' character so they could dredge up Re

20 Famous Actors That Didn't Get The Part (For Dumb Reasons)
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