18 Random Facts To Insert Yourself Into Conversations

We provide the facts -- you provide the smoothness.
18 Random Facts To Insert Yourself Into Conversations

You're at a party, trying to mingle, when you notice a group of strangers discussing Australian wildelife, as one does -- so you approach them and nonchalantly drop an obscure fact about pygmy wallabies. Everyone compliments you on your tasteful erudition, spend the rest of the night talking to and about you, and then you get to go home with the person(s) of your choosing.

You can trust us on this -- we have run countless mental scenarios, and it works every time. That's why we've gone ahead and made these cue cards for you, so you'll be ready with a stack of pithy facts when you need them. And ever if you never do, hey, at least you'll learn something. (And you can learn even more if you follow the links to the original Cracked articles.)

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