Experiencing a mid-week slump? Maybe your brain is hungry for some interesting facts. Cracked is here for you, with a collection of guaranteed-noteworthy information nuggets to un-slump your brain. Here’s the thing, we know normal, run of the mill, predictable factoids just won’t do it for ya. That’s why we’ve prepared this extra special batch of facts that will build the foundation of general, surprising knowledge to spice up any lull in a small talk situation.

Tired of not impressing your significant other’s parents? Well, the be frank, these probably won’t help, unless they are interested in learning about the where the late Steven Hawking was buried. If they’re not, maybe that’s their problem. Remember, they’re more afraid of you than you are of them.  Or maybe that’s bears. We can never remember.  Probably just play it safe, bring a gift for the house and stay quiet during dinner.

Oh and one more thing: read on for more facts!

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